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Roommates Guesthouse Penang April Promotion!

Honestly speaking, this Guesthouse has to be given credit for making the effort to spruce up the backpacking scene in Penang, Malaysia.

Free local palm wine on Wednesdays, Haunted Tours around Penang for the Month of Cheng Beng, and student discounts are among the few things that they have managed to come up with.

Read more-

Magnificent April promotions and events that will guarantee to get your heads bobbing!!

Like them on facebook at > Roommates Penang


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Penang Ferry across the Penang Channel by backpackies

In this blog, we will be writing about taking the Ferry from Penang Island to Butterworth on the mainland.

What is in Butterworth you ask?
Well the Train Station is just 2 minutes walking distance from the Butterworth ferry terminal. Trains depart from the Butterworth Station for Hatyai, Thailand, and also to KL and Singapore. Here is what to expect of taking the train. Train from KL to Penang.

There is also a bus station on the mainland where you can hop on busses to take you up north to Kuala Perlis and Kuala Kedah where you can then take a ferry to Langkawi island.
There are also busses that travel to other states as well.

The ferry terminal on Penang Island is in Weld Quay. It is within walking distance from Fort Cornwallis in town. (The nearest landmark we can think off, if you are not local).
You can also take the Rapid Penang Bus Service to Weld Quay. There is a big bus terminal there where you can catch busses to get anywhere around the island easily. From there you will see a fly over, something like what you see in this picture.


Overhead bridge leading to the Ferry Terminal on the Island Side

Walk across the overhead bridge to get to the ferry terminal.


Ferry terminal on the Penang Island Side

Just outside the terminal you can see alot of taxi’s waiting for customers.
Along the walkway to the ferry terminal are stalls that sell water, snack, fruits and news papers.
There is a counter just behind these stalls where you can buy your train ticket. You don’t have to go across to Butterworth to buy the tickets.
Just in front of this taxi stand is also the FREE PENANG BUS SERVICE, which is called CAT (Central Area Transit).This website gives a pretty good explaination on this service. PENANG CAT. It is a normal RAPID PENANG bus but has the words CAT written all over the side. (If you are not sure, there is an information counter at the bus terminal) The FREE bus route services the inner part of town and most of the attractions within Georgetown.
If you are arriving to Penang Island by ferry, and you are staying around Chulia Street or Upper Penang Road, then you can take the FREE BUS SERVICE there.

penang ferry terminal

walkway to the waiting area

penang ferry
Above: This is a picture of the Weld Quay Bus Terminal.
Below: This is the passenger walkway heading to the waiting area before boarding the ferry.

The bottom of the ferry is for vehicles and the top is for walking passengers.

Penang ferry terminal

Walking the long walkway to the waiting area

ferry from Penang to butterworth

Waiting area before boarding the ferry

Yes taking the ferry is FREE!! You only need to pay for a single journey from Butterworth to Penang Island. And even that is only RM 1.20!

Penang ferry terminal

You only need to pay when you take the ferry from Butterworth to the Island

Penang ferry terminal

The view of Butterworth Industrial Zone

The ride is very pleasant especially in the early mornings and evenings when the weather is cooler. Relax as the calming cool fresh breeze gently caresses your face. The view of the channel can be very rewarding as well, as you get to see ships and boats of many shapes and sizes sail pass the channel going about their own business, making Penang Port one of the bussiest ports in Malaysia.

ferry from penang to butterworth

Very breezy ride across the Penang channel

Penang Ferry

The bus terminal on the Butterworth side

From this bus terminal, you can board a local bus that takes you around Butterworth, or you can also catch an Interstate bus to any other state on the Peninsular.

penang ferry terminal

Old local bus still being used for short distances

penang ferry terminal

modern double-decker being used for long interstate runs

penang ferry terminal

ticket counters

penang ferry terminal
There is a temporary food court just behind the Bus Terminal. It’s convenient for grabbing a bite before the journey.

Penang Ferry Terminal

Temporary Food Center near the bus terminal

They sell mostly HALAL food (no pork).

Penang Ferry Terminal

food court near the ferry terminal

And something that caught our eye that is out of topic is, that they all use cheap cooking oil! o.O Our arteries are screaming again with cholesterol!

Penang Ferry Terminal

Most of the local stalls use cheap cooking oil to cook their food

We hope you guys found this blog informative. If you have a facebook account, please like us on facebook at backpackies is on facebook!

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Ryokan Chic Hotels @ Muntri Street Penang reviewed by backpackies.com

Ryokan on Muntri Street, Penang just recently opened its doors to their first batch of guests about 1 month ago. (30th April 2011).
There was a promotion that for the one day only (which is the opening day) they invited 20 lucky facebook fans to have a free stay at the hotel.
Subsequently the remaining fans had a 50% discount of the rooms for the same day.
We unfortunately missed that special day. (To be honest, we missed the FREE STAY more!! :D). But after hearing so much hype about this place, we decided to review it. Of course again, there might be plenty of reviews already of this place online since its such a nice setup. But at backpackies, we try not to bullshit our fans, and of course, we try to take pictures that actually give you the whole feel of what to expect during your stay at Ryokan @ Muntri Street Penang.
So taking out our microscope and V800 “dont take any sh*t” xI3 Faultfinder- We begin to review Ryokan.

Ryokan is located on Muntri Street, just 5 minutes walk from Penang’s Clubbing Hotspot- Upper Penang Road and also Heritage attractions like Kapitan Kling Mosque, Kuan Yin Teng Temple, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, State museum and many more. And the best thing about it is also, it is walkable some of the famous food stalls in Penang. Hameeds delicious roti canai and sup kambing, Red Garden food court with their daily chinese girl singers entertaining you while you dine, Chulia Lanes Curry Noodles, so please don’t get us started.
Verdict: Location A++

ryokan on muntri street

Ryokan Chic Hotels is the latest chic and fashionable "budget" hotel in Penang

The facade was pretty impressive, mainly because of the nice neon lights and decoration. Definitely chic! We love the combination of cement art and the usage of wood in their front door.
|There are some outdoor seating as well, which are only practical in the mornings and nights because during the day, it gets really hot. And not to mention they use Steel Chairs! Really? In the inside,usually during the day, the air conditioning will be on so it’s not that hot. The living area cum cafe is quite spacious and tastefully decorated we must say.We are impressed.
The bar counter wasnt really ready yet when we were there so there were only minimal drinks and food that you could order.
There was a stage in the cafe so presumably that is for the live band to perform sometime in the future. Well actually during their opening they did have someone sing!

ryokan on muntri street

Lounge and cafe area

The wifi is free but you can only pick up the signal at the very back near the stage. Towards the front, its a bit weak. Its good in a way because, it prevents people from the outside (previous guests) to steal wifi from the road side.

ryokan on muntri street

Nice bar counter made from cement- It was soooo smooth! 😀 ha ha ha

Accommodations are up top. You will need to take off your shoes, and there are some nice racks where you can put them. So this keeps the whole sleeping area clean.

ryokan on muntri street

no shoes inside the accommodation

Towards the back, there is another set of similar looking cabinets.

ryokan on muntri street

heading to the rooms

No its not for shoes and slipeprs! These are the free books and magazines for you to read. There are some bean bags, and lights that is meant to be a reading corner.

The flooring on this whole place is wood, so there is a nice texture when you walk around barefooted, you can feel mother natures grains…..massaging your feet. And of course, since its wood, you can hear people walking about the guesthouse. In olden times, this is a security feature, where the residents in the house could know if there were thieves entering their house through the noise from the wood planks.
The rooms and chillax corner, we will show later. The Loft was still renovating when we were there. So we might need to sneak in again for a free photoshoot next time. Damn the planks!

ryokan on muntri street

This is the chillax area, where there are fans only, and bean bags, lights and books for you to enjoy a good book. Maybe doable during the nights when its not so humidly hot.
All the rooms are on the left hand side of this walkway. And all of the rooms have air conditioning.

ryokan on muntri street
We took the 4 man dorm room which was about 100 ft2 in size. A comfortable size to sleep in. The furniture and bed linen were all white which we love, because with white is, you could actually see if the place was dirty or not by one look. But after we checked it, this place was very clean. (Mainly because it is brand new). The beds were singles (not super singles), but the mattress and pillow were abit on the hard side. At first it felt firm and bearable. But towards the end, it was abit too hard for us. There is a cabinet where you can store your personal items. You will need to bring your own padlock for this.
Also with the bunk bed, you have your own personal light, plug point and small tiny space where you can place small items next to you when you sleep. The reading light was bright and big enough, unlike some places where we have reviewed who uses cheap night lights as substitute. The air conditioning inside comes with the controller, so you can adjust accordingly. There is no fans in the room.
One thing we noticed is that the rooms did not have any dustbins for waste?!

Their room rates are
6 person dorm – RM 35
4 person dorm RM 38
4 Person Girls Only Dorm RM 40
Luxury private room – RM 138

Towel rental – RM 3
Blanket rental – RM 3
(Yes the room does not come with any of these)

ryokan on muntri street

4 pax dorm

ryokan on muntri street

private little space to charge your electricals and hide your valuables but just be careful because it doesnt come with any lock.

ryokan on muntri street

metal cabinet to store your own stuff- You need to bring your own lock

Although blanket and towels do not come with the room rate, they do provide a simple breakfast. The breakfast is still more impressive than some of the other guesthouses. But of course Ryokan’s rates are a little higher as well.

ryokan penang

Breakfast of the day

The coffee, tea and juice is free flow, but the breakfast menu keeps changing for variety. I could count how many baby hot dogs they gave me. The potato chips was a bit soggy. So if you can, its best to drag your lazy butt from the comfortable bed and have breakfast early. Breakfast is from 8-10.30.

Next weeeee will be checking out the toilets and showers. There is a long sink just outside the showers. They provide gel soap which smells nice.

ryokan on muntri street

public washing area - brushing teeth, and washing face

Since this is the only washing area, i guess you can also wash your small laundry items here as well. You just need to bring your own soap powder. You can get them at the minimarts along Chulia Street. The showers were very spacious and well ventilated.
The water pressure was excellent and it came with hot water and cold water. Not that you really need the hot water unless you were doing some sort of private spa session in the showers.  But then again, its nice to have it.

The good thing is, the showers had free fragrant smelling shower gels and shampoo. When i was in the bathroom, i could hear an australian guest comment ” Oh MY GOD, the shower gel smells so nice”. So that actually proves that my nose is still working.
Toilet paper on the other hand was a bit different. They were giving us paper towels to wipe our ass. We find that abit different but at least it wasnt newspapers like they use in China.

ryokan on muntri street
The tv lounge was a great concept. There is a nice mural of Ryokan on the wall, and they had bean bags for seating in front of a huge LCD screen., (Im sorry we didnt manage to check the size) But its sufficient. The sound system from the tv was good enough. But i do wonder how loud and till when can you watch tv at night? Since next to the tv area is actually rooms. Do let us know if you have tried it.

ryokan on muntri street

beanie bags at the lounge

Yups, if there is no one there, you can just lift your legs up (even if you wearing a mini skirt), just relax and enjoy the show.
The tv comes with ASTRO (malaysias only cable service)

ryokan on muntri street
This was the impressive mural of Ryokan we were talking about. This is a close up on the mural. Looks almost exactly like it, dont you think?

ryokan on muntri street
Finally after watching people lift their legs and enjoy a movie, i decided to lift mine up as well and call it a day.

ryokan on muntri street

Till our next review. Ryokan Chic Hotels has certainly raised the standard of guesthouses/ budget hotels in Penang. 5 thumbs up!

If you guys are going to stay in Penang, Ryokan is a good bet.Its clean, its tastefully done up, nicely designed for comfort and look, so there fore
Quality and Comfortability – A+

backpacking penang

Just like the painting on the wall i guess, after you leave Ryokan, you become a monkey (because of the other crap services from the other guesthouses around Penang)?
-Ryokan didnt pay us to say this if you are wondering.

For more information – Visit their Website – Ryokan Chic Hotels Penang
But whatever it is, please do join our travel group on facebook- Backpackies is on facebook!

Dont tell us you dont have facebook har!! Till then have a safe trip and have fun traveling!


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Penang Hawker Food at New Lane Penang – Fabulous Hawker fare at local prices! by backpackies

hawker food at new lane penang

New Lane Hawker food street

Backpacking in Penang? Hunting for some famous Penang Hawker Food? Forget Gurney Drive. It’s over hyped up. One good place to go for plenty of variety of Hawker food is New Lane Penang. Here you can find almost every kind of hawker food found in Penang. And they taste good too.

Lets check it out!

new lane hawker food penang

Road is closed to traffic for the safety of diners

Well at least the Government and State Council (MPPP) is doing something. About 2 years back, eating in this road can be a nightmare. Literally risking your life just to order food. This street used to be open to traffic. So you would get cars, busses, and motorbikes going up and down this very narrow road. It is already narrow and congested. Not to mention the amount of exhaust and pollution from the traffic. Very unhygenic to eat here. Now it has changed alot. The roads are closed to traffic starting from 4pm to 12 am.

new lane hawker food penang

Closed to traffic except on wednesdays

You can either sit at the many coffee shops around, or  just sit anywhere by the side of the road. Plenty of outside open air dining. Just order what you want and sit anywhere you want. All you got to do is point the hawkers in the direction of your table and wait to be served!

hawker food new lane penang

Open air seating is the best way to enjoy the environment

new lane famous hawker food penang

Outside seating at New Lane Penang

There is a music shop just by the side of where the diners sit and eat. Free music while you eat! Perfect! There is so many food stalls here, from the typical Char Koay Teow (fried flat noodles), laksa, char hor fun, fried rice, chee cheong fun to pork innard broth. The pork innard broth stall at the corner of the lane  is very famous.

famous pork porride new lane penang

Famous Pork Porridge New Lane Penang

In Hokkien its called Chee Cheong Chook which in direct translation means Pigs Intestine Porridge. Inside each bowl is mixed ingredients of fried and boiled pork innards cooked with porridge. Good stuff!

new lane hawker center

Pork Innards Porridge

This is called “Yong Tau Hoo” which actually a soupy dish. You choose from an assorted variety of meat balls, fish balls, soya strips, crab sticks, tofu, vegetables which are then served in soup. You can also add in yellow noodles or glass noodles to make it more filling.

famous hawker food at new lane penang

Yong Tau Hoo

Sotong Kangkung – Jew Hoo Eng Chai in hokkien. Strips of Cuttle Fish are mixed with Kangkung (a type of vegetable) and topped with a black sauce and chili sauce, and then garnished with sesame seeds.Fragrant and usually eaten as a starter

new lane penang

Sotong KangKung- Mixed Vegetable and Cuttlefish Salad (Savoury)

Going for the heavy stuff. you can also order fresh seafood- GRILLED!

thai grilled seafood at new lane

Thai Grilled Seafood

Famous all time finger food. Barbeque Chicken Wings. We love the ones that are honey coated. Sweet and crispy skin with juicy meat inside.

famous hawker food at new lane penang

Barbeque Chicken Wings -everybodys favourite

The Sate is simply fabulous. Delicious with the peanut dip sauce. If you see the BATU MAUNG SATE. Order it! They costs alittle more but they are much bigger and have been marinated for hours in a special sauce. One word- Delicious.

penang hawker food at new lane penang

Sate- BBQ meat on skewers.

If the pork innards broth isnt you. Then you might want to go for something mild for starters. The broth stall serves pork and fish broth. Very good! If you dont want the innards, tell them. The “only pork meat” or “only fish meatbroth is our favourite.

famous bak moi at new lane penang

Famous "moi" at new lane penang

new lane penang hawker food

Char Koay Teow that is fried with charcoal, and she only does it one place at a time

Portuguease grilled platter? Customize your own dinner. Take a pick from the assorted ingredients. The ingredients will be cooked over a flat metal plate. Most of the time, chilli paste is added to make it spicy. You got to let them know if you dont want it too spicy.

frog legs new lane penang

Grilled Frog Legs Anyone?

poh piah new lane penang

Woman rolling poh piah

poh piah penang new lane

Poh Piah - wrapped wet version of a spring roll

Poh Piah – Shreded white cabbage, green lettuce, crab meat, egg and chilli paste wrapped in a thin dough skin. The Poh Piah is sliced and doused with some tasty hot gravy. Perfect to slowly pick on while you wait on your main dish.

BBQ- Lok Lok -We found this stall by the road side, as you enter New Lane from Maccalister Road. This stall sells the typical Lok Lok which is actually many varieties of food stuff stuck to a stick, which you will take and stick it into hot boiling water to cook or sometimes to heat up the food. Then you choose your dip. The usual is non spicy peanut sauce or maybe chili sauce. This stall has improvised alot to let you have the option of BBQ’ing the food. Grills are provided.

new lane BBQ lok lok

This stall sells lok lok (food on skewers) either boiled or BBQ'ed

For Desert, try the Chinese desert. Red bean, assorted nuts, ginko nuts served hot or cold.

thong sui at new lane penang

Thong Sui to wash everything down

New Lane Penang Hawker Food

Thong Sui - Chinese Sweet Desert

We hope you like this write up on New Lane Penang. This place is a great place to come to sample all of Penangs hawker fare. New Lane Penang beats Gurney Drive 10 thumbs down. Enjoy!

Here is a map of where New Lane Penang is>> NEW LANE PENANG

If you have a facebook account, join us on BACKPACKIES IS NOW ON FACEBOOK. Or visit our website for more free budget information.

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Kimberly Street – Best Penang Char Koay Teow, Chicken Feet, Duck Broth and Tong Sui

Backpacking Penang and feeling a little hungry? Looking for a nice place to have some Penang Hawkers food at night?

If you  are in downtown Georgetown, you can head over to Kimberly Street where they are famous for their very good Char Koay Teow (Chinese fried noodles), Duck Broth, Tong Sui (Sweet desserts using Lotus seeds, Longans, almonds etc) and chicken feet

These stalls are at the Junction of Kimberly Street, Cintra Street and Sungai Ujong Road.

kimberly street penang

Kimberly street is one of the famous streets for hawker food in Penang

There is a fancy building on the corner of Kimberly Street and Jalan Sungai Ujong (Sungai Ujong Road). You can order dishes served with rice here. We peeked in and didn’t see anyone inside. We dare not judge if it is good or not. Maybe you can  try it and let us know.

kimberly street penang hawker food

This is not one of the Hawker stalls

backpacking penang

This is the hawker stalls we are talking about

Most of the famous food stalls are located on the corner of Kimberly Street and Cintra Street.
Below is the famous Char Koay Teow.
Char Koay Teow: Fried flat noodles with prawns, slices of pork sausages, egg and cockles.  It can be spicy, so just request to adjust how spicy you like it. (This is a non halal dish. Muslims should beware of this)

backpacking penang

Famous Char Koay Teow in Kimberly Street Penang

penang char koay teow

Penang char koay teow

Kimberly Street Koay Teow Thing. Flat rice noodles served in either clear soup or dry soya sauce.

kimberly street penang hawker food

Famous for its Koay Teow Thing and Chicken Feet

kimberly street penang

Duck drumsticks and boiled eggs

Koay Teow Thing is served with fish balls, chicken meat and liver.
You can also order thin rice noodles (bee hoon, on the right) if you like.

kimberly street penang

Bowls of Koay Teow Thing (Clear soup, flat and smooth rice noodles)

Chicken Feet- Apparently it taste’s so good that you just got to try it. There is no meat at all. Only skin. Sucking out the tender skin and tendons from the feet is a delicacy to the Chinese people.

kimberly street penang koay teow thing

Every body orders a plate of Chicken feet on the table

The stall below sells duck broth and koay chiap. Koay Chiap are flat sheets of rice noodle served in an aromatic soup which is flavored with herbs, spices and soy sauce served together with different parts of the duck and pork.
Every bowl of Koay Chiap is topped with slices of duck meat, all sorts of innards (optional), bean curd and hard-boiled egg and doused with the soup.

backpacking penang with backpackies

famous kimberly street koay chiap

Ingredients to cook up the dish. Duck meat, innards, eggs, pork innards etc.

tbackpackies penang

Chopped up duck meat, duck innards, and pork innards used to cook the dish

penang backpackies

delicious and tasty koay chiap

It is a full delicious explosion, when you put one mouthful of Koay Chiap in your mouth. 😀 (Pork intestines, Pork Skin, Duck meat, Coaggulated pigs blood)

backpacking penang

Down everything with some soothing lotus seeds, or mixture of nuts in sweet soup served cold or hot

Peace Brother! (No it’s not a peace sign in the middle of the road) These are the other two hawker stalls along Kimberly Street. The Stall where my middle finger is pointing is famous for selling expensive Char Koay Teow. Think its like RM 6 per plate. Go check it out and let us know.

backpacking penang

Two other hawker stalls along Kimberly street

The stalls on the right sells cheap fried beehoon that tastes pretty good. There is also a stall selling fresh soya bean drinks there.

Have a tasteful and tummy filling meal here at Kimberly Street. We hope you find Kimberly Street an interesting eating joint as much as we love it. Happy eating from all of us as backpackies.com. Join us on facebook at backpackies is now on facebook.

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Backpacking Penang – Gurney Drive

Gurney Drive- Every tourist seem to know this place for its hawker food. The Penang locals know it as a place to have morning jogs, evening walks, “sin on” late night dinners at the hawkers center and of course also to bring their loved ones to the seafront for some romantic time. Gurney Drive used to be very windy, fresh in sea breeze with plenty of nice views, which is why there are so many expensive condominiums and hotels along Gurney Drive. But this is slowly changing due to the reclaiming of land up north. Most notably the EnO project which has reclaimed alot of land, thus causing a cove to form in front of Gurney Drive. This has caused a lot of sand and silt to settle on the shores of Gurney Drive. We walked around Gurney drive and took some recent shots of the place.

backpacking penang

Panoramic shot of Gurney Drive
backpacking penang

Gurney drive is full of expensive million dollar condominiums

Backpacking penang

Gurney Drive's shores in the morning- You can see it is filled with silt and rubbish during low tide

backpacking penang

mud and silt - emits a smelly odor. I dont know how people can stand to sit here for hours just to spend time together. You would be amazed at how many couples who do that on a daily basis

backpacking penang

this goes on till as far as the eye can see

backpacking penang

gurney drive is still a great place to go for walks - only when its high tide, and you cant see all the ugly hidden sights

backpacking penang

The government has renovated the area, so there are nice wooden chairs, lights for safety

backpacking penang

they even grow some trees ..maybe?

backpacking penang

Oh, and someone even thought of how to use all that mud to make it an activity!


we hope the government is aware of this, or maybe at least take the time to have some morning walks here before deciding or approving any projects that can cause damage to the environment and Gurney Drive as an attraction as well. As most tourists from out of Penang, only know Gurney Drive for its hawkers food. We want to prove the thought of “Gurney Drive Hawker food is Good” is actually wrong. So what we plan to do is, go over to gurney drive, order all the different hawker food there and give you an insiders local view of how these food taste. So you can judge for yourself
For more info visit www.backpackies.com

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Backpacking Asia Like a Pop-Star – Ingredients to kick ass your party!

My birthday was over the week end.

it was SURPRISING, KICK ASS, CRAZY, OBSCENE with plenty of DIVA WWE action thrown in!  (girls were really wrestling in Bikinis)

I love kung fooooo

Definitely one of the best-est parties Ive had. Mind you it was a last minute idea too!

Sure you will have guests complain about the food and that it wasn’t enough. (They always say that, because they are hungry) But once you get the party going, the drinks will fill them up already. So dont freaking over order the last minute. Let them sit and get full talking and drinking. Because all that extra food is just going into the dumps.

"Budget BBQ" that cost me USD 25 for 6 people

If i had it again, this is what i would have got!

SUMO WRESTLING KIT! Nothing more fun than bumping your friends silly!

"huuuu waaaaaaa" Sit on me man!


Probably distribute these around and have a laugh after

I want More Games!- BEER BONG ANYONE?

I think this is the same as playing russian roulette. Losers drink!

How shots should be done! Measured at 50 ml each!

One unique club is the Clinic in Singapore. Doing wheelies on the wheel chairs while taking shots from the drips!

Check out what the weirdest club in Singapore is all about. The Clinic

And this is how you are supposed to be taking the shots

taking in the shots- kneeling down

And when you are high, maybe you want to start hitting something? Try this 90 meter Pinata!

I feel like hitting something BIG! HARD!

After eating some burnt sausages and plenty of beer, its time to bring out the dessert!

Serve your guests some fancy looking desert! - NO SHIT!

No birthday is complete with a birthday cake…

Everyone loves a funny birthday cake!

Make sure you invite only sporting people for the party! Its no fun hanging around sour sops!

Drawing on drunk people and finding a bra for it is an excitement itself!

If its your BIRTHDAY TODAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We @ backpackies.com wishes you a superciliously drunk, fun, pissed up birthday!

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