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Back Home Guesthouse KL by backpackies

They don’t win awards for nothing! Welcome to Backhome Kl , backpackers hostel in KL!
Winner of the Number 3 hostel in Asia and Number 1 hostel in Malaysia for year 2010 and 2009  respectively. (awards by hostel world)

Apart from all the other guesthouses, hostels, dorms and budget hotels in KL, back home  manages to stand out from the bunch. Back home incorporates a minimalist and modern look to its designs that makes guests feel right at home. Couples with its friendly staff, spacious toilets, comfortable and clean rooms, you can be sure of a great nights sleep here at Back Home KL.

Our story:
A few points that you need to take in to account when you are looking for accommodation in KL. In a city like KL, location is everything. You don’t want to choose a place to stay (even though it is like a 5 star hotel but takes you 2 hours to get there). Because if the taxi fare don’t kill you, the walking and transiting from one LRT ( light rail transit) to another will! (KL public transportation is terrible)!

When we first googled out hostels in KL, after skimming thru the non-important sites, we came across Back Home Kl on the second page. And because we have already heard of this place previously from the local newspapers. We decided to check it out.
First thing that struck us was the prices of the beds. At Back Home KL, they are charging something like 40+ per dorm. So that is like a premium compared to the other hostels and guesthouses along Bukit Bintang (who are charging around RM 25 to RM 35).

The other thing is the location. On the map it looks like it is very far from every thing else.
Where as, if you stay at Changkat Bukit Bintang,Chinatown, Tengkat Tong Shin or anywhere around these areas, you are practically in the center of everything (shopping, food etc).

Taking these two things into account (location and price), we were still very attracted by the reviews and pictures.
So we decided to give Back Home a try.

Back Home KL hold to the saying
“So whatever rocks your world, we’ve got it”
And they promote on their website:

* Clean and Comfortable!
* Central location in Kuala Lumpur. Walking distance to LRT and convenience stores.
* Contemporary design.
* Cool attached Cafe.

Just the slogans we are looking for at backpackies.com

Expecting to walk quite a distance. Surprisingly it only took us like 5 minutes walk from the Masjid Jamek LRT station. Back Home Kl was very conveniently found.

cheap guesthouses kl

BACK HOME KL is 5 minutes walk from Masjid Jamek LRT station

Back Home is easily recognisable by the white wash exterior. You can also look out for the banners by the side

cheap guesthouses kl

look out for the white washed building along Jalan HS LEE

The main door of Back Home KL looks something like this. It shares the same entrance as this Yong Tau Foo shop. Back Home Kl’s entrance is on the right hand side. The door is electronically locked so you either need the key code or just ask someone from reception to buzz you in.

guesthouses kl

front entrance of back home kl

The staffs were really friendly! Simply loved them! Dewi (the indian lady) keeps laughing! She cheers the customers up easily.

cheap guesthouse kl

friendly staff taking care of the reception!

cheap guesthouse kl

Awards for this place. Year after year- back to back

cheap guesthouse kl

small but cozy lounge that is very tastefully decorated

cheap guesthouse kl

We stayed with them during hari raya (a malay celebration), and they served us some satay, ketupat and lemang for free

The wifi signal was strong enough to cover the courtyard as well

 cheap guesthouse kl

small court yard to chill at

If you don’t have your own computer, there are work stations at the lounge area that you can use.

cheap guesthouse kl

in the lounge : there is cable tv on a wall mounted LCD tv, reading corner and some computers where you can acccess the internet

Really strong beds for the dorms. No creaking and no movement at all! Just careful not to kick the bed or stairs, as in the end, your legs will be the one hurting ! Unlike other places, Back Home Kl uses welded steel to custom make their beds.

cheap guesthouses kl

dorms @ back home kl

There is a small wash up area inside the dorms. (this was in a 4 man dorm)

cheap guesthouse in kl

dorms come with a sink inside

cheap guesthouse kl

very strong steel ladder to climb up to the top bunk

cheap guesthouse kl

we checked! they used slumber land mattresses and pillows. No wonder you can sleep like a baby

cheap guesthouse kl

notice for guests

It gets a little too noisy especially if you are in the rooms facing the main road (Jalan HS LEE). Traffic honking their way thru the day can be a nuisance. The reception sells ear plugs for RM 4- RM 6. I guess if you really cant stand the noise, and if jamming toilet paper in your ears don’t work, you just need to buy the ear plugs!

Another thing you need to pay attention to, is that the reception closes after 12 midnight. If you are out clubbing or drinking and intend to get back after this hour, please do remember to get the security code so you can access the door.

Lockers are provided, but you will need to have your own lock. If you don’t, you can rent if from the reception at RM 5. You will get it the RM 5 when you return the lock and key.

cheap guesthouse kl

common showers are clean and the water pressure is powerful

The showers are spacious and clean. The tiles are non slip tiles, and the showers are very powerful. Hot shower and cold shower is available. However there is no shower gel provided. You will need to buy some yourself from the shops outside. They don’t sell it either.

cheap guesthouse in kl

clean toilets and thank god you don't have to buy your own toilet paper

cheap guesthouses kl

wooden stair case leading to the top floor

cheap guesthouses kl

upstairs corridor heading to the other rooms

cheap guesthouse kl

walk way leading to the toilets on the second level, the courtyard is directly below

There is no proper place to hang clothes. So guests resort to using the railings to hang their wet clothes.

cheap guesthouse in kl

view of the courtyard from the second floor

Our Verdict: they deserve every inch of the small award they have displayed on their reception!

Clean and comfortable place to stay in. Only complaint is the prices! 😀

If you are interested in staying at backhome kl, you can either check out their website at backhome kl or find them at

Backhome Kuala Lumpur
30, jalan Tun HS LEE
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 60320787188
email: info@backhome.com.my

For more free budget information visit us as backpackies.com or please do join us on our fan page on facebook at backpackies is now on facebook



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Bedz KL Guesthouse review by backpackies

Kuala Lumpur or famously known to the locals as “KL” is the capital of Malaysia. KL is a popular stop over point for budget tourists who are taking advantage of the cheap (or even free) budget flights that use KL as their hub. Air Asia uses KL as its main Asian hub (The low cost terminal is called LCCT – Low Cost Carrier Terminal, which is a different terminal from KLIA) . If you look at the flight routes, KL is a good starting off point for exploring Asia. If you compare, buying air tickets from point of origin. Flights going out from KL is much cheaper than buying a ticket out of any other asian country. Also Kl connects to more destinations than any other destination.

So most tourists would think,” since im already transiting in Kl before my next flight”, “why not stop over and KL for a few days to see what is in KL”!

So here we are. Backpacking in KL and looking for guesthouses?
Most guide books would recommend places like Changkat Bukit Bintang, Tingkat Tong Shin, Chinatown and even Near Jalan HS Lee.

One thing you must know about the public transportation in KL. Its a nightmare!
So make sure you plan your routes well, especially if you have large backpacks.

We at backpackies will be covering BEDZ KL today.

cheap guesthouse kl

Bedz KL (Been there, done that, got bitten by bed bugs)

BEDZ KL is strategically located on Changkat Bukit Bintang, (a road off from the famous Jalan Bukit Bintang, where all the shopping malls and restaurants are). Changkat Bukit Bintang comes alive at night for being one of the most happening night spots in KL.
So yes, staying here gets a little noisy especially if you are putting up in the rooms facing the main road. Prep your ears ready with earplugs or unless you plan to get smashed at the clubs on a week end. The clubs go full swing during the week ends and end very late in the morning.
There are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops and mini marts all around BEDZ KL.

cheap guesthouse kl

frontage of bedz kl (guess this guy must have done something wrong, to not want his face taken)

BEDZ KL is strictly a “dorms only” guesthouse. So it is perfect for backpackers or travellers who are travelling alone or in a group but don’t want to cram everyone into a hotel room.
There is a cozy lounge down below, with tv and a mini bar that sells beer and drinks – that equal the coffee shop prices.

cheap guesthouse kl

Cozy common lounge with internet access, LCD tv with satellite service and a bar that serves drinks

Price list for the bar below

cheap guesthouses in kl

Price list of the bar

cheap guesthouse in kl

Bar is on the right and the dining table is on the left

cheap guesthouses in kl

Dining area is air conditioned

Each bed is RM 33 per person (The bed prices vary according to season). There is a RM 10 deposit for each bed. So you need to contact them for the latest prices and promotions. All rooms are air conditioned. The temperature seemed to be standardized, but you can always ask the reception for the controller to tone the temperature down.
Upon check in, you get a key, key card (for those who come back late and want to use the side entrance), towel, blanket and linen. You will have to do your own bed. When you check out of BEDZ KL, you need to return the linen, blanket and towel to the reception before they give you back your deposit.

cheap guesthouse in kl

Linen that you need to put it on yourself

The bed rooms are clean. There are a 2 choices for rooms, one is 14 people to a room and the other 6 people to a room.
And the mattress they were using is soft and comfortable. There are a few plug points in each room but some of them are damaged. So you need to share. Like always, its a first come first serve basis.

cheap guesthouse kl bulit bintang

Bottom bunk - comfy mattress

cheap guesthouse kl bulit bintang

blanket and towels were very thin

cheap guesthouse kl

14 people in this dorm. Its not too bad. There is still plenty of space to move around

All toilets and showers are shared. There are no free shower gel or soaps in this guesthouse. Toilet paper however is provided.
The showers and toilets are big and spacious.
(We had to mention these first, as apparently there are a lot of people who regard the toilet more important than the rooms! :D)

cheap guesthouses in kl

very spacious shower that comes with very power full water pressure

cheap guesthouse in kl bukit bintang

too spacious toilet that we could fit 8 people inside!!

We at backpackies would like to stress that these information here is purely from our own experience. We hope that you will use your own discretion when staying here.

Our final opinion on this place is that this place would be one of the best places to crash for a dorm, if there weren’t any bed bugs.

p/s: We did complain to the manager. He just nodded and said “huh ok”.
Should have at least had the courtesy to check it out or maybe refund us back half the money since we didn’t stay there for more than 2 hours.

You can find BEDZ KL guesthouse at
Bedz Kl
58, Changkat Bukit Bintang
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur,

For further enquiries:

Email: info@bedzkl.com
Tel / Fax: +603 2144 2339 / 2144 (BEDZ)
Mobile: +6012 3033 458
Our url: www.bedzkl.com

Join us on facebook at backpackies is now on facebook or our website on http://www.backpackies.com/cms/

We value all your opinions and experiences! Drop us an email or feel free to comment.


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AB Motel Langkawi- Tours and Water Sports

Our backpacking trip around Malaysia, saw us ending the stint…. sunbathing, boozing and mangrove trekking in Langkawi.

Langkawi islands are made up of 99 islands

Langkawi which is part of the Andaman islands is famous for its brilliantly crystal clear waters which are theming with fishes of all sorts.
Apart from taking our own leisure time, waking up at 11am, having a late breakfast, read a book while we sip duty free ice wine, we decided to go for some tours to fill in our time.
There are plenty of tour agents around. I guess, its really up to you guys, to see which is the best bargain. From what we noticed is that, the tour agents at the Jetty and Airport are definitely not the best on the island. Because they have the first hand advantage of, first approaching the “just arrived tourist”, therefore they can charge a premium because the tourist is not familiar with the prices of tours, hotels and car rental on the island.
If you haven’t booked anything yet, here the tours offered by AB motel is something for you to read about. They already have the “Cheapest Island Hopping Tours on the Island” =3 islands for RM 25 including hotel transfer. They can afford to lower the price because they are using their own tour boat, instead of renting it from the boat men. Hence the lower price.

Here are a few water sports we got from AB motel, where we were staying.

Jet Skiing on Langkawi's waters can be really tempting!Jet Ski - RM 120/ 30 mins

The Island Hopping tour was worth it, we were picked up from our hotel in the morning, and was whisked by speed boat to see how they feed the eagles. Then we were left for one hour on a deserted island for some RnR.  We then headed to the Pregnant Maidens Lake to dip. (Nope, we didn’t get pregnant). Legend has it that who ever dips in the lake will be enchanted and pregnant.

Mangrove tour and Island Hopping - RM 50 per person, Island Hopping you get to visit 3 different islands - Pulau Beras Basah, Pulau Pulau Singa and Pulau Dayang Bunting

Banana Boat - RM 20/ person

Pulau Payar/ Payar Island Snorkeling Package - RM 95 per person

Parasailing - RM 50 per round (3km)

Ab Motel also offers

Diving package @ Payar Island – RM 250/ person

Contact Asthar Travel and Tours SDN BHD
KPL/LN: 5969
Call : 0134884300 for more information or just drop over to the tour counter at AB motel.


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Budget hotel in KL- Tropical Guesthouse KL

Have you ever been in the situation where you want to look for a nice hotel, guesthouse in KL, but can’t find one. And everywhere you find is so expansive?

Staying in Kuala Lumpur (KL) can be freaking expensive. Finding a budget hotel in KL is easy. But finding a clean and safe one, can be challenging.

If you haven’t noticed, the prices for a 3-4 star hotel room in KL – (Malaysia’s capital) is just crazy. Your looking at paying somewhere between RM 280 (84USD)- RM 700(200USD) for a night. Maybe opt for 2 star then for RM 180 ( 54 USD). Still expensive for us.
Then you start to think, what about budget accommodation? Sure there are plenty. Weather it is safe, clean, friendly or even livable for that matter is another story all together. Most of the guesthouses and budget hotels in Chinatown and around KL are either catering for prostitution or is dirty and not safe.
Rule of thumb when looking for a room in Malaysia is , never go for the ones that are above an olden coffee shop, or has a chinese name to it. Unless you read Chinese? Probably it might say “Aah Cheongs Fantasy Hotel” :p if you are looking for happy happy, then this isn’t the topic for you.

So your options for nice, clean, decent, safe guesthouse is not limited. You just need to look harder.
Here is one that we have been staying in, and do not have any complaints. Tropical Guesthouse KL. Click to check out their room rates and where they are. Tropical Guesthouse is located about 5 minutes walk from Bukit Bintang – KL’s popular shopping, dining and entertainment district. Plenty of bars and restaurants are located along Changkat Bukit Bintang which is just round the corner. Staying here, you dont have to worry about where to eat, shop, drink or access any of the attractions in KL. ( KLCC is only 4LRT stops away).

This is what Tropical Guesthouse looks like.

An oasis in the heart of KL

Friendly staff @ the reception

cozy sofas to chill, free wifi and tv included

dorms where you need to rent 2 beds at once.

Double room with air conditioning

This is the sexy room !

Double deluxe room - Horny room! They themed it that way. Maybe thats why the mirror is there for! 😀

Presidential Suite - bigger room, tastefully done to give you a full tropical environment. (Comes with plenty of candles to add to the sexiness too) - Just don't burn the guesthouse down! :p

Toilets are clean and comes with free shower gel,and hot water

One thing about this Guesthouse is, it is not short of people ready to party with you. The guests are always a great bunch to hang out with! 😀  Here is proof!

Lets party! Happening clubs are just round the corner @ Changkat Bukit bintang

Plenty of Music and laughter from the unique guests at Tropical Guesthouse KL

Most guests just drag out the chairs and sit outside as they watch people pass by. Gets interesting during festive s and celebrations!

They were trying to see how many people can fit on to the sofas! 😀

Hope this blog helps you guys look for a nice, decent and clean place to stay in KL!

If you like what you see, you can contact them @

No.2 , Tengkat Tong Shin,
Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan,
50200, Malaysia

Tel : +603-2141 1168
Fax : +603-2148 3877

Email :

Or book thru http://www.hostelworld.com or join them at their facebook page at tropical guesthousekl

😀 Happy backpacking from all of us at www.backpackies.com

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