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Guesthouse in Penang – Secret Garden Guesthouse Penang with backpackies

On recent backpacking trip around Penang, we decided to try out the newest guesthouse in Georgetown.

Just to get you up to speed, lately there have been a lot of guesthouses and budget hotels mushrooming up along the likes of Love Lane, Muntri Street and Chulia Street Penang. That is why we always advice our friends to  take a walk around these roads, go in and inquire before you decide on which one to stay in. Almost all the guesthouses in Penang are compacted around this area. So don’t worry, you don’t have to walk very far.

Secret Garden is a new guesthouse in Georgetown Penang. Recently featured in the news papers for being the best guesthouse in the neighborhood. We decided to see what was the big deal.

This guesthouse is located on Love Lane, just opposite Saint Xavier’s school.  The frontage spots a heritage straits eclectic outlook, and occasionally you can see guests sitting outside enjoying a drink or a meal while they watch people pass by.

backpackies penang

Heritage shop lot nicely restored and converted to a guesthouse

cheap guesthouse penang

Inside - lounge, reception, and information kiosk

The interior of the guesthouse was really spacious. It was tastefully designed with a mix and match of tribal, modern, heritage and straits collection.

cheap guesthouse in penang

The lounge has comfortable sofas and an LCD tv that shows satellite channels

The lofty high ceilings made the place feel cooling and quiet. Because of the expansive space, as guests we didn’t feel like it was claustrophobic, unlike other guesthouses in Chulia Street.

cheap guesthouses penang

2 dining tables here are for guests to sit, talk, chill or have breakfast in the morning

Of course there were some guys playing poker till late in the night. The spacious lounge literally soaked up the noise. They were also playing some music here, which didn’t disturb the rooms at the back at all. The rooms were quiet all night. Good Stuff!

The lounge or cozy corner as we normally called it, had a good Hi Fi sound system and LCD tv showing some DVD’s and cable tv.

cheap hotels penang

The entire lobby + lounge + eating place is huge!

cheap hotels penang

antique looking china are used here. Creates contrast against the wooden stairs

The guesthouse used a lot of wood and ceramic to their design.

cheap gueshouses in Penang

Their shop lot is 2 floors high

cheap guesthouses penang

this guesthouse is very lofty

One downside is that the rooms were divided by “cheap office dividers” which made it easy for the person in the room to hear what was going on outside. Plus i think it is a fire hazard as well, as these things are easy to catch fire.

cheap budget hotels penang

Art filled corridor. Pity that the pictures aren't lighted up with spot lights

The walkways are filled with art. A great way to make the place feel lively. Instead of just leaving the walkways empty.

cheap guesthouse penang

Chinese art on the walls of the second floor

budget hotels penang

Safety lockers available here

If you are renting an individual room, there is no need for you to get a locker. But just on the safe side, there are lockers here, just to keep your personal items safe. (not sure if they are rented out or if you need to bring your own lock and key)

budget hotels penang

Shared toilets

The toilets are clean, but we found it to be a bit small and cramp. The showers come with hot water but no free soap. Toilet paper you can get it from here for free.So help your self (Some guesthouses in Penang insist you buy them)! We asked for some soap but apparently you have to buy it yourself.

budget hotels penang

Nicely decorated dining area. You can make your coffee, tea or get your free drinking water here

Free drinking water here. Feel free to find your self a cup to use. You just need to wash it after use.

budget guesthouse penang

fancy drinking water dispenser

cheap guesthouse penang

Double room at secret garden guesthouse penang

cheap guesthouse in penang

Single bed

The rooms are clean and simple but tastefully designed. The beds are clean and comfortable we must admit.

cheap guesthouse penang

single room with a fan

The single room was a bit small. Reminds us of the “toilet sized” single rooms we stayed in, just opposite Pudu Bus Station KL. There was a fan inside the room. On normal hot days, literally this room can be a sauna oven!

cheap guesthouses penang

Walk way downstairs connecting all the rooms

They installed CCTV’s on the walkways. So guests can feel safe while staying here.

cheap guesthouses penang

A small garden out back of the guesthouse to chill

There was a garden out back. Something like this. We found out that some guests like to sit here and chit chat. Be careful of the mozzies (mosquitoes), as you wouldn’t want to be down with dengue fever. (A lot of dengue cases nowadays)

“Buffet” Breakfast is included with the room rates. They should probably enforce  a “take what you can only eat policy” ! We must have missed the refill.  😀

cheap guesthouses penang

Buffet breakfast that only starts when the "worker" wakes up

Last but not least, we hope you enjoy your stay in Penang. And this is our review of Secret Garden Guesthouse Penang. We hope this information was useful to you, to make a decision on where to stay.

For more wacky budget information visit us at www.backpackies.com or join our travel community at Backpackies is now on facebook..



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Chulia Street Penang- Breakfast! with backpackies.com

Don’t Know What to have for Breakfast while Backpacking in Penang?
Sick of the usual Sausage, eggs and coffee? Lets take a food tour that will even get our seasoned Asian tummies screaming with joy!
We are going to tour Chulia Street Penang (backpacker central of Penang) today, in search of what the locals have for breakfast.

Surely by now you would have known that Penangites – Residents of Penang, are famous for their love and appetite for good food.

How we got the idea for this blog? We were having breakfast one day and realized there so many different local food that are being served for breakfast. Then we looked at what they were serving at the budget hotels and cafes, and thought, “Hey, you guys need a change”! After all, whats the point of traveling to a new place and not try the local dishes?! All the different food in this blog are within walking distance from your guesthouses.
We had “YOU= backpackers” in our mind when we wrote this. We zero-ed down the areas around the main roads where most likely you would be staying at. Most budget hotels in Penang are located around Chulia Street Penang and its surrounding roads like Muntri Street, Love Lane, Campbell Street,Penang Road etc(DOWN TOWN GEORGETOWN). We first thought of recommending the best local street food stalls for breakfast. But then decided against it as there were just too many “good” stalls and coffee shops to include. So we decided to write you guys, on what are the food types you can find here in Georgetown sold in the mornings.

So if you are sick of the normal “American Breakfast and Cereal”, then put on your flip flops and lets adventure together to find what the locals are eating this morning. (to be honest, some of these places, we just found accidentally while exploring the city). We will use Chulia Street as our main street.And we will walk from here
Here we go!
We start off with something mild on the tummy first. Soft home made bread, toasted the traditional way with a stove fueled by charcoal. Accompanied by some half boiled eggs.

budget hotels penang

Toasted bread spread with butter dipped in to half boil eggs- SOLDIERS (i wonder why they call that in England)

budget hotels penang

this small stall in the alley is famous for its toasted bread, eggs and coffee

This shop is in a small alley along Campbell Street. Click here for the map of Campbell Street This shop is towards the start of Campbell Street, at the corner of the intersection with Penang Road.

How about some mild non spicy Rice Noodle Soup with Fish balls then?

Breakfast at Chulia Street

Rice noodle soup with fish balls

Going a little bit adventurous, we increase the spice level a little.Try some curry noodles.

budget hotel penang

Surprisingly this curry mee was awesome!! Not choked with spicyness and just nice..

This noodle stall is only open in the mornings. It is on Cintra Street. You can easily find it on the Complimentary Penang Map given out at the tourist information booths and airports. If you dont have one, click here to get one >> Penang Tourist Map

budget hotels penang
We haven’t forgotten you, if you are the typical rice person! Nasi Lemak comes in a packet folded with banana leaf. The rice is usually topped with small anchovies, curry and hard boiled egg.

Budget hotels penang

Nothing beats a packet (or two) of spicy Nasi Lemak and a hot cup of local brew

Leaping a little dangerously we thought we should include this, just to show you how adventurous some locals are!

budget hotels penang

Durians with rice anyone?

The lorbak below goes very well with rice, noodles or eaten just on its own.
Budget hotels penang

Lorbak - Deep Fried pork meat wrapped in a thin flour skin

Check out the Chowrasta Market which is within walking distance, from Penang road. There is a morning market there that is worth checking out. Instead of buying your fruits at an over priced rate. Go where the locals go. Buy it at the local market. There are plenty of fruit stalls around. Prices are way cheaper and fruits are way fresher!
budget hotels penang

fruit stalls at Chowrasta Market

They sell all sorts of fruits here. From apples, oranges, watermelons, honey dew, grapes, kiwis, to of course durians.

budget hotels penang

Fresh fruits from the market - a healthy start to your day

This is among the strange but delicious fruits you can find here. Rambutans! Hairy on the outside, sweet on the inside! 😀 Sorry, for being cheeky.

budget hotels penang

Meet our hairy friends. Rambutans!

Going a little crazy, we had some pork innards porridge! Tasted really good. It blended so well with the porridge and the sauces, that you wont know you were having the innards! Delicious!
budget hotels penang
We did an article a while back on Chowrasta Morning Market. Check it out.

budget hotels penang

For those who are vegetarian or just dont eat meat. Look out for any fried noodle stall with a yellow flag. This indicates that the stall is fully vegetarian.

budget hotels penang

Fried noodles - We call them cheap fried noodles in chinese, because there is literally nothing inside except noodles, some vegetables and seasoning

Pick up some fried bread to munch on the way? They are freshly rolled and fried in front of you. Some of them are empty but some come with red bean and sesame seed.

budget hotels penang

This is probably the closest you can get to Peking duck here in Penang.

budget hotels penang

Roasted Duckie, fancy just the meat? or you can order it with rice!

There are plenty of local dim sum shops in Georgetown. Mostly you will see alot of old men in groups talking over a hot pot of chinese tea. You just simply pick and choose what you fancy.

budget hotels penang
Each dumpling has its own different filling.

If you are ready for something really filling. Then you can have some curry rice. Most of the Mamak Stalls here in Malaysia are open 24 /7. In the mornings, most shops sell fried bread (roti canai), tosai or chapati. All of these are the regular types of breads Indians usually have for meals. They are eaten with curry. There are so many here, just pick and choose.

budget hotels penang

On the topic of Dim Sum. If you happen to see this shop on Cintra Street, they serve really good dim sum and noodles. They sell till late in the morning and continue serving lunch.

budget hotels penang

This shop here serves good dim sum!

This roasted piggy is going to someones big dinner tonight!
Sometimes you can just order a handful to try. No harm asking them if they have one ready and cut open.

budget hotels penang

Roasted Pig

Deserts are plenty. These are locally home made deserts.

budget hotels penang

Chinese Pancakes. These are called “Bang Chang Kuih” in Hokkien (Local Penang Dialect)

budget hotels penang

Crispy or soft chinese pancake? Sandwiched in peanuts, sugar and sometimes corn

And not forgetting carrot cake! 😀 Its rice cakes fried with bean sprouts and chilli. Fantastic!

budget hotels penang

fried rice cakes - Char kuih kak in Chinese

We hope you find this blog interesting. Feel free to comment or ask us anything, or where about of these food is. As we said, there are just too many of them. We dont mind giving you directions ! Just comment!

For more budget information visit us at www.backpackies.com

Or join our fun loving travel community on facebook at backpackies is now on facebook


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Backpacking Penang, Mini Van from Penang to Hadyai

There isn’t a direct flight connecting Hat Yai Thailand and Penang Malaysia. There is a train service that takes at least 8 hours.
The fastest and convenient way to travel between these two locations is by minivan. Mini vans leave Hat Yai for Penang and other states in Malaysia very regularly. There are plenty of mini vans from Hat Yai to other provinces in Thailand as well. So if you are travelling for example from the South e.g Singapore, Melaka, KL, Penang to Koh Samui, Trang or Bangkok, it will easily take you more than a total of 6 hours. Sitting on the mini van for that long non stop can be a “pain in the ass”, literally!
Thats why we suggest to stop half way, at Hat Yai where most of the mini vans swap vehicles. (If you have time) 🙂
Here is how to take a Mini Van from Penang to Hat Yai.

You can get mini van tickets from Prangin Mall (featured below) and any of the many travel shops @ Chulia Street, down town Penang.

Hat Yai mini vans

travel agents that offer a variety of services, arrange bus and vans to Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands, KL, Ipoh, Melaka, Hat Yai from Penang

backpacking thailand

Travel agencies just outside Prangin Mall Penang

express bus to kl

list of places that the agents cover

backpacking thailand

Ag express services, run quite a reliable minivan service from Penang to Hat Yai, Thailand and vice versa.

budget hotels penang

the older vans can get a little cramp if its full. Love the newer bigger vans with bigger seats and space

hatyai mini van

Minivans stop for petrol and a short break during their trip from penang to hat yai

Backpacking thailand

Great service from the hotels as they have a bell boy to get you from the van if its raining

Things the travel agent don’t tell you!
1) That if the pick up time you bought is 8am, it will pick you up at 8am, but don’t expect it to leave your current destination (Penang in this case) at 8am. They still need to go around and pick people up!
So you might be looking at leaving Penang maybe around 9-10am depending on how many people they are picking up.
This is important because we know a lot of people who intend to make a day trip to Hat Yai. Thinking if they leave at 8am and coming back at 4pm (Thai Time), they will have a lot of time to shop around. THEY ARE WRONG!
2) The entire trip takes about 4-5 hours (Penang to Hat Yai- and vice versa). Depending on how long the immigration procedures take. Expect longer queues during week ends and public holidays.
3) The mini van usually stops once- at the Malaysian Thai border. So make sure you have gone to the toilet first.
4) At the border, going to Thailand from Malaysia, the customs are not that strict. So you don’t have to worry about having your bags checked.
5) If you are smuggling something, beware!! They have scanners at the Malaysian side checking all your bags- when you are exiting Thailand and entering Malaysia.
6) The current ticket price for Hat Yai to Penang Malaysia is THB 30
From Penang to Hat Yai is RM 28.

Have a safe trip and just comment or feel free to ask us anything. From how to smuggle stuff to travel questions. visit www.backpackies.com for more information! Happy backpacking in Thailand or backpacking in Penang! 😀


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Air Asia – Surviving Long Hauls on a Budget Airlines

Welcoming The New Age of Budget Traveling. Now Everyone Can Fly!!! Go to www.airasia.com

Air Asia Free Seats

Nowadays there is a new ruling that you can't take pictures on the tarmac.

I was pretty excited and decided to *hand write* a letter to the captain, before take off.

My letter to the captain

Air Asia Free Seats

Is he big or are the seats space small? 90 degree seats! WOaaaahhh LOOK AT HOW CLOSE THE KNEE IS TO THE SEAT IN FRONT. I can't even fit my girlfriends leg in..if she wanted to! DAMN!

Few years back, we used to rush to the seats near the emergency exits which had huge amounts of leg room. But ever since they started issuing seat numbers, there’s no need for the rush. All the seats are the same, unless you pay more and get the hot seats which offer a little bit more leg room.

Hot Seats are marked red- comes with more leg room

To be comfortable, you can always purchase a comfort kit, if you didn’t bring your own pillow or eye mask along. Here is what you will get

air asia free seats

Comfort kit comes with a thin synthetic blanket, eye mask, and a neck pillow COSTS RM 35 (~10 USD), Please take it home after you arrive at your destination. If not i will take it for you.

It isn’t much comfort. If you have a jacket, you can roll it up and use it as a head pillow. Does the same job. Just be warned that it can get pretty cold in the plane on long journeys.

Of course, eating is also another way to ease your dis comfort. If you are sure of this method, then we suggest you pre book your meals when you purchase your flight tickets. It is 20% cheaper than buying it on the plane.

Nasi Lemak Pak Nassir is pretty good

The chicken lasagna was pretty awesome as well (if they still serve them) **** Recommended

meals on air asia

Yummy hot lasagna

After filling our tummies. We looked around…to see if there are any empty seats. After take off, you are allowed to shift seats. Look for any space with at least 2 empty seats. The hand rest can be lifted up, so that you can at least sit and stretch your body diagonally. Beats sitting 90 degrees vertical or even 70 degrees after incline.

Since the seats are so f**kin small, and had like 5 hours of flight time. We knew what we had to do.


Chivas + Coke + Air Asia = Hallelujah

If you are going to do what we are doing, make sure your alcohol is stored in a ~ 100 ml bottle. Maybe a clear bottle with vodka or bicardi? And say its mouth wash 😀

Happy traveling. And if you do see a crazy guy with a straw hat drinking happily on any Air Asia flight, that isn’t me.

For more free cheeky monkey backpacking ideas go to www.backpackies.com

We welcome your ideas, thoughts and opinions.


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Budget hotel Penang, Star Lodge Guesthouse Penang with Backpackies

Backpacking in Penang on a tight budget? Planning to stay in Georgetown(town center) but not sure which budget hotel or guest house in Penang?

Here is one to help you decide. Check out Star Lodge on Muntri Street, Penang.

Star Lodge is about 5 minutes walk to Chulia Street( backpacking central of Penang) and Penang Road (Main busy road with plenty of activity). Location wise, it is very strategic as it is within minutes to 24 hour mini marts, local coffee shops and restaurants, internet cafes, bus stations, attractions and entertainment spots.
To get to this guesthouse, first find Muntri Street, you can click on map >> MAP as it is inter connected to Love Lane, Chulia Street and Penang Road. Look out for the Golden Wooden Plaque or  its plastic sign outside the building.

You can easily find Star Lodge with its Golden Chinese name plaque

The common area has rattan chairs and tables. They sell drinks and beer here. Cable TV is also available.

Lounge at the second floor of Star Lodge is airy, spacious and the walls are painted with calming scenery of flowing waterfalls and green hills - Painted by the same Guinness Book of Records holder for the longest mural painted.

The rooms are simple as seen below

Single bed @ Star Lodge Penang for RM 30-RM 35

Triple room at Star Lodge Penang @ RM 45- RM 60

Triple bed at RM45 - RM60

Double room for RM 35-RM 45

The staff of Star Lodge is very friendly and helpful.  They also will help you in your visa arrangements, and travel queries.

You can contact them at

39, Muntri Street
10200 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-2626378
Fax: 604-2633378

Email: 75lodge@gmail.com

Check out their website for more information :http://www.starlodge.net
We hope this information helps you in finding a decent place to sleep in.  Visit www.backpackies.com for more free budget information. Happy backpacking! 🙂


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Backpacking Penang @ Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Come and meet the original makers of these fabulous nyonya sweet cakes!

The Pinang Peranakan Mansion is one of the most complete Museums in Penang that houses everything about the Peranakan’s in Penang (The Peranakan or the Baba and Nyonya are the descendants of late 15th and 16th-century Chinese immigrants to the Nusantara region during the Colonial era).

Although there is a RM 10 admission fee to this private museum, we still rate it as one of the best attractions and museum on the Island.(The State Museum is the another good museum that covers the overall history and artifacts of Penang. Admission to Penang State Museum is RM 1)
The RM 10 fee may be a little steep for backpackers who are traveling on a tight budget in Penang.
So for what its worth, this blog is to show you what to expect of this mansion, and hopefully help you in deciding if it worth visiting it.
The Pinang Peranakan Museum is located along Church Street. You can check out their website @ Pinang Peranakan Mansion for more information.
Opening hours are Monday to Sunday including Public Holidays from 9:30 am to 5 pm

The mansion is hidden behind its surrounded buildings. It is not so visible. So just look out for a green mansion. (The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion is termed “The Blue Mansion”, we call the Pinang Peranakan Mansion, the green mansion). 😀 – i gave it the name myself.

Posters of the Baba and Nyonya out side the Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Olden pull trishaws and a red telephone booth outside the mansion

This door must be at least 10 feet high! It is covered in intricate carvings and gold leaf

The front entrance might be hidden from the road. Just look out for the bright green mansion

Pictures of very very old people on the wall

Gift shop at the Peranakan Mansion

Wooden cabinet with plenty of old shoes, albums, and accessories

Golden Rimmed spectacles anyone? I wonder if any of them are bifocal?

Open air court yard, with stairs leading to more living halls and artifacts

mahjong table for ladies (women gamble, while the men go about their business in the other rooms)

"western dining hall"is one of the themed rooms in the mansion.If you like, you can book and have your events here at the mansion

marble boy in the western dining area

European porcelain dolls shows that the kapitan had outside influence back then

nicely hand blown glass oil lamp used at the western dining table

beautiful hallway, decorated with paintings and gold carvings

this picture was taken as i was going up the stair case to the second floor

kandar baskets that were being used to carry food in olden times, hence the name Nasi Kandar! (your local 24/7 malay-indian food outlet)

golden banggles! look how big they are! they girls must be really big and strong?

bring out the nyonya - bling bling

the girls wear this to go out?

kindda looks like these belts dont they? 😀 see i told you they must have been strong

bride and bride grooms wedding room! They must have wished for a bigger bed! and less furniture maybe?

the make up table looks like a prayer alter!

What the #@$@# is a chicken doing under the newly weds bed! ALARM CLOCK? The chicken is in the basket by the way.

reflection of a tour going on in the mansion on an antique bulb flash camera

sink at the corner. Comes witha marble stool. I really like the way they decorated it. See that only the edge of the sink is decorated with green tiles?

the glass room, is full of glassware, this one is for the center piece of the table, where you can put fruits

A nyonya fully dressed for some occasion

porcelin collection, there is a full collection of cups, tea pots, plates, urns of different colour and shapes which are all imported from different eras of the chinese dynasty

19th century box to keep betelnut

coffee tea or baba nyonya toys? oh the toys are in the cabinet just behind the table.

alot of people come here for wedding photo shoots

dresses being laid out for display at the western bedroom

ok, i think this bed isnt following modern dimensions. Its only 5feet + long!

ladies make up set

big living room, with comfy chair! (cushions would have been a hit back then!)

We hope you have a fun touring the museum as much as we did. Make sure you ask for the free TOUR GUIDE!

If you are driving, there is parking space inside the mansion grounds.
Their address:

29 Church Street,
10200 George Town,
Penang, Malaysia.
Telephone: +60-4-2642929
Website: http://www.pinangperanakanmansion.com.my/
Getting there? Click here for Google Map

Happy backpacking in penang! For more free budget information and budget hotels, visit www.backpackies.com

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Bloody Bed Bugs! Budget hotels Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Asia

God Damn! I hate Bed Bugs!
Blood Sucking Bed Bugs! Yeah…You better be afraid!
Cuz they are your worse night mare!
If you are constantly looking out for cheap hotels, motels, hostels to sleep in, you can be sure that one of these days, you will run in to them!
** Thats why we search hard on www.backpackies.com to find you accomodations that arent with BED BUGS!

Bed bugs are tiny, “if you got shitty eyes, then yeah you can’t see them”, well hidden parasitic insects, that feed on BLOOD. They usually infest the bed – hence the name BED BUGS.

this is how small a bed bug is, AFTER it is filled with your blood! Its smaller when it just started sucking

Bed bugs are mostly active at night, and they are very good at sucking your blood without you noticing it.
** From now- THEY refers to the BED BUGS  

This is what a bed bug on close up looks like!

this is the life cycle of the bed bug!Most species only feed on humans when other prey is sleeping, or not moving. bed bug bites is itchy as hellThey are attracted to CO2, warmth, and other chemicals that your body emits. They don’t necessarily crawl on the bed sheets, setting fire to the blanket, doesnt work!

( They can be crawling from the walls, or drop down from the ceiling! (Wear a hat? When you sleep? Cuz they might make a home in your hair?) ha ha we are kidding. But seriously, they can crawl!

How do they suck your blood? 

Bed bugs feeding on your skin!

There is these hollow feeding tubes that stick out from their mouth, and they pierce your skin and inject their saliva which contains anticoagulants and anesthetics while it slowly sucks your blood. Kind of like how vampires and mosquitoes do it.
You wont feel pain or itchy at first, but after they bite you, and the drugs wear out, then you start to itch. And really itch badly!

bitten by bed bugs

Bed bugs will suck for about 3-5 minutes and then go back to hide. Probably to digest what they just took from you.  

Mind you, these critters can live for a year without feeding, but they normally try to feed every 5 – 10 days. When it’s cold, they can also hibernate. So in this hot Asian climate, don’t ever think of hiding from them! 

How do they infest and move in with you?  

There are several ways in which dwellings can become infested with bedbugs and their eggs.  

Bed bugs can infest and breed  

bed infested by bed bugs!

  1. In clothing’s and luggage – which is why most damn hotels don’t allow you to put your bags on the bed!
    bags on bed
  2. They can also backpack! They just travel with their bags on your animals! (If you bloody have one), soo now instead of ticks, you have to be worried of bed bugs too!

They can infest anything! Unless they are killed together with their eggs!  

How to know if there are bed bugs?  

It is really hard to see if the bed or room has any bed bugs.  

They hide mostly in dark corners, cracks, and in clothes and mattresses.  

Typically a bed sheet might look nice and clean. But after a few hours, once you start to feel itchy, and find small blood stains on the sheets, then you can be sure there are bed bugs around.  

Catch them in the act – Keep a flashlight by your bed, and turn it on when you start to feel itchy, watch the sheets closely for movement. If you get up or move too much they will go back into hiding. This can be hard to do – if you’ve only got a few of them, they only need to come out once a week or so anyway, so you might get unlucky and not see any, even though you have them.  

What wont work?! We tried it already!  

If you are sleeping in a room with two single beds. No point moving to the other bed, for it is surely infested also. (But you can always try)  

Putting on an extra bed sheet or towel doesn’t work either.  

Putting a bath towel on the bed doesn’t help, they just crawl over the towel!  

Sleeping on the chair? Its as bad an idea as sitting and falling asleep in the toilet.

sleeping in the toilet- they might climb up your ass and bite you!

and if we were forced to sleep on the kitchen table, we would surely bring some company with us! he he

Sleeping on the kitchen table (that is if your budget hotel even has one) wont help  

Sleeping in the bath tub, is freaking cold!  

Dont bring them home with you.  

Make your target less attractive. Put it up high on a chair. Don’t put your bags on the floor. But of course dont put them on the bed also, as you might not know if there are any that is already in your bag.  

Using a plastic bag to store your clothes is a good way to isolate them from the bed bugs.

packing smart!

Finally, do a quick inspection of your clothes in your luggage before you leave.  

When you get home from your trip, immediately send your clothes for washing and air your bags in the sun.  

They hate sunlight 

How do you ease the itch and not get bitten again?  

corticool - mint cooling gel

Corticool, which is a cream that relieves itching from insect bites and that you can buy over the counter.
You can also try Benadryl or using calimine lotion will help with it. Of course, that won’t stop you from actually being bitten.  

Some ways you can try.  

Use a double tape to tape around the sides of your bed legs. It only works if the mattress or bed sheets aren’t infested already. The bed bugs will get trapped if they try to crawl up the legs on to the bed.

bug spray!

2) Sterifab is a good stopgap solution until you can bring
an exterminator in. It’s a spray bottle product that is effective at killing them. You’d never get them all with it, but reducing the number of them helps reduce the number of times you’re bitten. It also lingers and keeps killing for a day or so after you spray it, so it can keep working overnight.  

There is a new certain type of sleeping bag that comes with an Insecticide Layer.
If you are travelling in asia. Most probably, you can try the medicated oil, which is cheaper and easier to find here than Corticool. It is the same minty gel – CORTICOOL mentioned above. This is in oil form. Great for head aches and easing nausea.  

chinese medicated oil, helps a little

The bites can last from a few days to a few weeks.  

Depending on how allergic you are. It will definitely be faster if you apply some medication.  

When are these bites going to go away?  

That could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It depends on how allergic you are to them. Some people are really allergic and will have them for a lot longer. Most of the time, the itching will stop first and the bite mark will gradually disappear.  

 We hope you know when its mosquitoes and when its bed bugs!  

We wish you all the best and may god ..kill all the rest (of the bed bugs) 😀
Have fun backpacking!  





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