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Badly want to travel and see different places but dont have much money? Love the feeling of finding a perfect bargain, a budget hotel that gives you 4 star hotel facilities or a hidden coffee shop that serves excellent local food? Got a similar experience? Lets share it with everyone so that we can all travel smarter!

Cuz if any one told you we are your average bunch of cheap skate travel freaks, well they were wrong. “Kia Su”(Scared to lose) and “Kia Si” (Scared to die)? Not entirely true. We share one lurve in life which is to have fun, eat the best local food, party, backpack and see the world, read Dan Brown novels, jet ski at 80kph, fly here fly there, mountain trekking , smoke weed @ a rainforest music festival, relax@ spa’s by some locals rattan makeshift hut………..but most of all to get a smirk and pat ourselves on the back for getting a hell of a good bargain. Too much lurve for ya? Now we then would love to take all this loooooveeeeeeeeeeee and put it in this blog so that every one can share this knowledge of traveling cheap the smart way! If you want to contribute, please do so!


7 responses to “Get to know us

  1. Hello there!

    Would love to chat with you and have you be part of our affiliate programme. Email me and we can talk further. By the way, you don’t need to pay a single cent. In fact we pay you.



  2. sylvia

    hey guys,

    like your pics from RWMF. pelase drop me an email? would like to request some pics for a calendar I’m creating. many thanks.

  3. Re : “Nice” Bus No. WRU5674. Date : Monday, 26/3/12 from Pg. (Sri Nibong) to KL (Tropicana Mall), Time : 3.00 pm from Pg., 7.30 pm reached KL. I am one of the passengers on your bus; the particulars are as stated above. Complaint against your driver and a female attendant.
    The attendant, co-driver sat beside the driver throughout the journey. The attendant was distracting the driver by showing him messages on her handphone. The driver had to take his eyes from the road to read the messages. This happened during a section of the journey for about 30 minutes. The attendant also distracted the driver by putting her hand on his lap and she also messaged the driver’s shoulder while he was driving! The driver refused to drop us at the intended stop inside the Tropicana Mall. He asked us to get down at the bus stop opposite the Mall which is across the busy highway. After some arguments, he then only continued to the Tropicana Mall. The driver was also rude to us. Please take immediate action to prevent another fatal accident caused by express busses on our Malaysian road.

    c.c. SPAD

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