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Chung Wah famous Chicken Rice Balls Melaka

Normally if you walk into a chicken rice stall, you wouldn’t expect to have your rice served up as balls the size of ping pong balls. But in Melaka, this is why people are willing to queue up in scorching sun just to have a plate of this “Chicken Rice Balls”.

On our recent trip to the historic city of Melaka, we took the 2 hour bus down from KL. Because we were here to do reviews on Melaka, so we needed to try what the locals branded as “famous”.

We started off with the Hainan Chicken Rice balls at Chung Wah Coffee Shop for lunch. We arrived about 4pm, which was way after lunch time, so the crowd wasn’t that crazy. Honestly I’m not a very patient person. I personally believe in going for the alternative even though the stall isn’t that famous. Take for example the Sate Celup in town. I couldn’t be bothered with waiting 2 hours just for people to take their own sweet time to dip and chat while we fellas are grumbling standing by the side of the road for them to finish. If you are coming from the Tan Kim Seng Bridge, the yellow signboard on your right is Chung Wah Coffee Shop. If you are walking from Dutch Square where the red buildings like Christ Church or Stadthuys are situated, keep look up on the right hand side of a white colour building. Chung Wah is exactly on the right corner after crossing over Melaka River by Tan Kim Seng Bridge. It is a simple and clean coffee shop. At the top of the coffee shop, you will see a traditional Chinese name plate hanging high above an arch, describing the name of this shop usually implies it could be a family business run over generations. Our order came in like 7 minutes to be exact. (I do time these kind of things). I ordered a glass of home cooked barli which was a thirst quencher after our tiring trip up from KL.

Chop Chung Wah Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball

Chop Chung Wah Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball

Chop Chung Wah Coffee Shop

The chicken meat was smooth, juicy and tender. My plate came with 5 chicken rice balls, which were about the size of a ping pong. Im not sure about the statement that other bloggers write about the rice “The rice was soft and sticky consistency that binds the rice grains together. It’s strong enough so that you can pick it up easily with chopsticks yet it melts away in your mouth. The taste of the rice balls is a gently fragrant one but it lingers in the mouth and you just keep popping in more of those rice balls! Needless to say this is why I keep coming back for it” To me, when my rice balls came. It was just a simple compacted ball of rice which I had to flatten with my spoon in order to put it into my mouth. Then I started asking myself.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just eat normal rice? Instead of ordering something round, and then flattening it again? But this is what I personally think. To the other thousands of people who has eaten and written about this place. They put two thumbs up for this place. I say, come here if there is no one in the queue.

chicekn rice balls melaka

our plate of chicken rice balls with our barli drink

My personal theory of “They decided one day to roll up the rice into balls out of boredom” doesn’t seem to be popular with the locals. p/s: I used to think , it was some genius lazy fellow who grew lazy of scooping up spoons of rice into his mouth. Since it was much easier to just gulp it with one go, if it was rounded!

So upon digging, I found out that in the olden days, the rice balls were invented because they stayed warm longer and were easier to transport, so farmers and labourers would pack them into wooden containers and take them out to the plantations to eat.

famous chicken rice balls melaka So for iconic sake, besides buying a t-shirt to proof you have been to Melaka, you might as well grab a stool, order a –kopi o and enjoy a plate of Chicken Ball Rice.

Address: Chop Chung Wah Coffee Shop Right corner after crossing Tan Kim Seng Bridge from Dutch Square Lorong Hang Jebat Melaka, Malaysia
Tips: Go as early as 11 am on weekend to avoid long queues

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Attractions in Melaka, Malaysia

The Historic city of Melaka is the third smallest Malaysian state, after Perlis and Penang.

Melaka is located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula, on the Straits of Malacca. It borders Negeri Sembilan to the north and the state of Johor to the south. The capital is Malacca City, which is 148 km south east of Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur, 235 km north west to Johor’s largest city Johor Bahru and 95 km north west to Johor’s second largest city Batu Pahat. This historical city centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 7 July 2008.

Although it was the location of one of the earliest Malay sultanates, the monarchy was abolished when the Portuguese conquered it in 1511. The Yang di-Pertua Negeri or Governor, rather than a Sultan, acts as the head of state now.

To get to Melaka, the easiest way is to take a bus from KL, which takes about 2 hours bus ride to Melaka Sentral (Melaka Bus Station)

Here is a pictorial of the highlights of what to expect when visiting Melaka.

Melaka was declared a UNESCO world heritage site the same time as Penang. Unlike Penang, Melaka is more of a historical play ground minus the booming night life and beaches. If you are planning to travel to Melaka, make sure you expect a lot of quiet ME time with yourself, plenty of good food and of course the history.

If your visit, is during the week-end. Make sure you make time to visit the famous week-end night market – Jonker Walk.

jonker walk melaka

jonker walk melaka

The entire street is closed off to a carnival of senses. The road is filled with small stalls selling local cuisine, souvenirs, local delicacies and cultural shows.

heong pheah biscuits melaka

Famous heong pheah in melaka

jonker walk melaka

fake food?

What is amazing about this stall was that, the food here really looked like real food. Except some of them were actually money boxes.

melaka tang yuan

tang yuan - glutinous rice balls in syrup

Try the local deserts. This dish is called Tang Yuan, which is basically glutinous rice balls (filled or just plain balls), cooked in flavoured syrup. The balls are sometimes filled with black sesame or crushed peanuts. There are of course the modern improvisations like chocolate fillings and oreos.

Orang Utan shop here sells pretty nice designed clothes! Check them out. The building itself was pretty catchy so we decided to take a photo of it. In case you are looking for some unique souvenirs, this is a good place to come to.

Kampung Kling Mosque, Malacca

Kampung Kling Mosque, Malacca

Built in 1748, the Kampung Kling Mosque along Jalan Tukang Emas in Malacca is among the oldest mosques in Malaysia. The minaret was built entirely of masonry in contrast to the accompanying timber mosque. It has an appearance similar to a Chinese pagoda or stupa form, another Malacca characteristic.

Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi melaka

Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Melaka

Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Malaysia. It is on Jalan Tokong, or Temple Street, in Malacca, within walking distance of the Kampung Kling Mosque and Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. Built in the 1780s by the Hindu community of Malacca, and dedicated to Vinayagar or Ganesh, the Elephant deity. In the back room is a sculpture of the deity with the head of an elephant and the body of a man with four hands. There is another altar dedicated to Lord Muraga, the younger brother of Lord Vinayagar.

The temple stand of land donated by a Malacca Kapitan (headman) by the name of Thaivanayagam Chitty.

melaka chinese temple

cheng hoon teng temple melaka

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is also known as the Temple of Green Cloud in direct translation from Chinese to English. The temple building is covered in intricate gold carvings and murals. The Main hall is dedicated to the Goddess Kuan Yin. Located on Jalan Tokong, this is Malaysia’s oldest Chinese Temple. For over 300 years this temple has been the main place of worship for the Melakan Chinese. The temple was founded in the 1600s by a man named Li Kup, who fled China when the Manchus toppled the Ming dynasty. For more on the temples history, please visit Temple of Green Cloud.

melaka river cruise backpackies

cruising down melaka river

An interesting and unique tour which visitors must not miss while you are in Malacca, is the Malacca River Boat Tour.

Due to the tidal tide conditions, the river boat will only operate when there is high tide. So visitors interested to take this cruise are recommended to check up first on the operating times. Also, the river cruise will only operate with a minimum 8 persons per voyage. The river boat will cruise up the shallow Malacca River from her river mouth to Kampong Morten where the boat makes her return trip. The distance is about 10 km from the jetty and takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. A tour guide will highlight interesting things to you.

The boats depart every 30-45 minutes from morning till late night (11.30 pm) on a daily basis. On this river cruise, visitors get to observe the city surroundings by the riverside, including, but not limited to, old bridges, historical landmarks, modern buildings, traditional villages, museums, piers and other curious sights. It is recommended to take the river cruise at night, which is when most of the structures and buildings along with fountains are lit with colourful neon lights and bulbs. The boats feature a narration on the various scenery by a tour guide or through radio speakers installed on the boat. On peak periods, the queues can be amazingly long.

The jetty is located just opposite the police station near the Dutch Square (Stadthuys) and tickets may be purchased at MYR10 per adult and MYR5 for children.

satay celup melaka

satay celup melaka

Satay Celup is another signature dish of Melaka. You will not find this dish anywhere else in Malaysia.  Although it looks like the Lok Lok in Penang or has the same concept as the Chinese steamboat but it is slightly different.

The main difference is satay celup is cooked by dipping or dunking in sticks of raw foods into boiling pot of aromatic rich and spicy peanut sauce. What makes Satay Celup special is the peanut sauce! Workers  will consistently go to each table to mix or top up the peanut sauce. The sauce has to be well stirred so that it is cooked consistently so that when you dip into it, it is fragrant enough.
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nyonya laksa melaka

Melaka nyonya laksa

The nyonya laksa was awesome. This was taken at Jonker 88 Desserts. The laksa wasnt spicy at all, and there was a generous scoop of tune bits with half an egg in each bowl. Overall this isa good place to sit and savour Melaka’s favourite dishes. Also do try their Nyonya Chendol as well, with (durian ice cream if you dare).

We hope we did make Melaka attractive enough for you to make a visit there. (Don’t mind the edited pictures to make the food and places look nicer :p)
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Jonker Walk, Backpacking Melaka

Jonker Walk – a weekly night market that happens on Jonker Street. It is a hyped up week end market that any local will tell you “it is a must see” in Melaka.

Most people who has been to the market will tell you that, it is like any pasar malam (night market) in Malaysia. Coming here once, is enough.
Jonker isnt just about walking the night market looking at the stalls there, but be sure to explore even the clan houses that are on Jonker (follow the sound of music). There are free karaoke sessions, dances and also orchestras practising olden Chinese music! And try out all the yummy finger food they sell there. Also if you are thirsty for a beer, head over to the many bars and pubs along Jonker.

You got to enjoy all that Jonker has to offer to appreciate the full extent of Jonker walk!

Here is what to expect…

The market is held from Fridays to Sundays. Starts from 6pm till late.

Giant archway leading the way to Jonker walk

This market is filled with people and activity both on the street stalls as well as inside the clan houses along Jonker (members of the clan houses, come for their line dancing, free style karaoke singing and even their chinese orchestra practice .
The stalls here sell everything from toys..

Fancy having Japan's number one vulgar comic hero "Shin Chan" as a money box ?..among other toys sold here

To beauty accessories  like hair pins, earrings, necklaces… (they are a good buy…much better than found in the shopping complexes)

girls shopping for accessories - You just cant stop them!

Take a break and try some of the local specialities here. This is the “tang yuan” or coloured balls made from dough, and cooked in sugar water or ginger water. It is usually only available during  the lantern festival. Chinese believe eating them, will make your life -smoother which literally means, smoother and no troubles in your daily life.

A sweet treat of dough balls in ginger syrup while browsing at Jonker street

This shop sells hand made “Aliens” made of stainless steel wires!

detailed wires used to make this small "alien" lookalike! carrying a really big gun!

Along Jonker Street you can find plenty of nice cafes, and pubs with live bands playing throughout the night. These bars and cafes are a great place to sit and enjoy the live music as you watch other people jostle about haggling for a bargain!


Jonker street is well lit, and is a nice feeling walking amongst these heritage buildings

colourful sweet stall in jonker

chinese orchestra practicing in a clan house along jonker street

colourful watches for kids, and adults alike

Chinese calligraphy by disabled man

jonker melaka

man making Chinese characters on a stamp - you can ask him to make a customized chop for you with your Chinese name!

mini hand made wooden clogs on jonker walk - I think they are key chains! they look too heavy to be earrings tho!

brightly lit melaka trishaws ready to offer you a ride home after shopping at Jonker Walk

I thought it was unheigenic to sell food like this, out in the open! Then i realised it was a money box! how embarrasing

You just got to try these "mung bean" biscuits! Especially when they make them fresh!

budget hotels melaka

old heritage buildings and bars make walking along jonker street an enjoyable one.

Since this market only opens on week ends, if you are in Melaka over the week end, it is worth popping over to experience Melaka at night.  Usually you can find us at the bars for the after party!

Hope you guys Enjoy Melaka!

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