Pondok Lodge Guesthouse KL by backpackies

Backpacking in the Urban Jungle of Kuala Lumpur (Capital of Malaysia) or just on a one day transit because your connecting Air Asia flights are on the next day and you don’t know where to stay?
Well one of the more decent guesthouses in KL is Pondok Lodge. It is located on Changkat Bukit Bintang which is an upcoming clubbing area. Pondok Lodge is strategically located in KL’s Golden Triangle. It will take you around 3 minutes to walk to the nearest food stall, shopping complex or pub for a beer. It is also near to the monorial station. (Nearest monorial station is Bukit Bintang).
So if you dont mind the outside appearance of this Guesthouse, lets begin the inside tour.
Before we continue any further we need to highlight that so far the only problem we found with this place is the noise. Because of the line of pubs around and infront of this guesthouse. Expect to hear booming music till late at night. You will need to bring your own earplugs.

Pondok Lodge Guesthouse Kl

Pondok Lodge is on the top floor of a dubious looking building

Pondok Lodge has a sign board but its waaaay up on the top floor of the building. You will need to bend up and look hard to find it amongst the many sign boards in the area.
There is only a small “hand written” sign to show where the entrance is. So we took a picture to show you where it is.

Pondok Lodge Guesthouse Kl

The entrance to Pondok Lodge is a small side entrance which opens to a flight of stairs

The place is pretty safe. When you stay here, you get a key for the lock to your room and also the main gate. (This orange gate here). There is no curfew time. But you will need to let yourself in, if you are out late.

Pondok Lodge Guesthouse Kl

Metal gate locked by key lock is the only protection against the raunchy clubbing scene at Changkat Bukit Bintang

Pondok Lodge Guesthouse Kl

Stairs leading to Pondok Lodge. They occupy 2 stories

Pondok Lodge Guesthouse Kl

Public phone inside the premises to make calls (international and local)

Pondok Lodge Guesthouse Kl

Seating lounge on 2nd floor

Pondok Lodge Guesthouse Kl

Dining area

Pondok Lodge Guesthouse Kl

Cozy area

Pondok Lodge Guesthouse Kl
We feel that the rooms lack lighting. It is still dark in the room even with all the lights switched on. They use yellow bulbs. So its a dimmer in the rooms. Some might think this is romantic ?

Pondok Lodge Guesthouse Kl

Triple room

There are enough toilets and showers to use. So no need to fight for them. Water pressure for the showers are so so only (average). I remember on of them being very low. I was practically standing 3cm away from the toilet wall to get a shaower. The toilets are the bare basic.The need a proper scrub and clean!

Pondok Lodge Guesthouse Kl

Shared toilets with hot water

One thing is, throughout our stay here at Pondok Lodge. We have not encountered any bed bugs. So our sleep here was pretty good.

Rooms are not exactly spick and span, but its clean. We found out that they spray the rooms with insecticide after check out time. So its a good thing.

Pondok Lodge Guesthouse Kl

Double bed

Pondok Lodge Guesthouse Kl

twin beds

The beds are not too soft or hard. Just nice. Rooms aren’t too cold either. But blankets are available.
This is the information on the bookmark they gave us for free.

guesthouse kl

Contact numbers and email


guesthouse kl

Directions to the pondok lodge guesthouse kl



Pondok Lodge
20-1B Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 kuala lumpur
Tel – 03 21428449/21440288
email: pondoklodge_kl@yahoo.com
their website is www.pondoklodge.com

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Have fun backpacking!


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2 responses to “Pondok Lodge Guesthouse KL by backpackies

  1. Kazebert

    i stayed there once…
    Location is really great…
    1 min walk to 24 hours store / 7-11
    3-5 mins walk to Bukit Bintang and the monorail station….
    the bar are just downstairs…
    if you want to go the the clubbing area , it only takes 10-15 mins taxi ride..

    only one bad thing .. it get super noisy at night due to the bars below….. i couldn’t sleep til about 3-4am…. 😦

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