Hadyai Idea Market

Hatyai- Thailand’s southern entertainment capital.
Hat Yai’s skyline is very flat and spread out, but in actual fact, almost all the tourist activity central’s around a very small area. It is possible to explore Hat Yai City either by foot combined with tuk tuk or just by motorcycle.
One of the attraction within Hatyai worth visiting is the Idea Market held in Lee Garden Plaza.
This weekly market was originally held outside the Lee Garden Plaza but has been moved into the shopping complex due to the overwhelming response and also to improve the shoppers experience as the indoors are air conditioned compared the outside.
After they shifted the market indoors, it is less affected by rain and sun shine. We still remember about 1 1/2 years back. When it started to rain, everyone will be scattered running for shelter. Stalls will be closed and what a let down!

backpacking hat yai with backpackies

Panorama sweep shot of Hat Yai Skyline

Most of the traders here comprises of teenagers and young adults. These young minds adds to the refreshing burst of creativity and difference in the products and craft sold here.
Despite the small space area, almost everything is handmade and different from each other. This creates so much variety of things to see here.

lee garden plaza hat yai

Weekend Idea Market at Lee Garden Plaza

Among the interesting things you will see here are, custom made fridge magnets and home made wall clocks. They also make their own ear rings.They love to make them in nice colorful cartoonish designs. They make excelent gifts for kids and girls. The wooden wall clocks are pretty ingenious as well. They simply install a simple clock movement on to their drawing or art piece. And voila! a designer clock! Thailand is the only place in Asia that i’ve seen these type of clocks been made. There are also clocks that spot your favorite foot ball team, others have cute loving comments and some with vintage vehicles.

backpackies backpacking hat yai
There is a stall that lets you pick your metal bracelet / ring and then write down what wordings you want imprinted on it. He doesnt use the conventional engraving. He uses a chisel and hammer to knock your letters in. Therefore it stays there forever and lasts longer. Knocking is FREE! How cool is that. Nowadays not many things are free. ONLY IN THAILAND!!

backpacking hat yai

Personal Engraving on stainless steel and silver jewellery

The stall below sells nice handmade leather key chains, phone rings ( i think that’s what its called. Its to be hung on hand phones so that you can hold it). They also have bracelets and book marks. Again, you get to let him write down what kind of wordings you want on it. FREE WORDINGS! Im so loving Thailand!

hat yai market

customized leather key chains, book marks and bracelets

I think the Thai’s have managed to find a niche market in terms of customization. This is the very first time Ive seen customized plastic rings. You get to choose what ever icons or letters to be put on the ring. The ring, alphabets and icons come in many vibrant colors!

backpacking hat yai

Customized colorful alphabet plastic rings

You can also find leather belts, wallets, hand phone pouches, belt buckles, and bracelets. They are quite reasonably priced too too. For example, a studded leather belt with a fancy cowboy buckle will cost around 550 THB.

backpacking thailand

leather products

I wonder why they only sell Liverpool dolls.

backpacking hat yai

Liverpool - you will never walk alone!

Here are the rings again! Im showing it because i bought one. Its to add to my bling bling accessories when i go out clubbing.

lee garden plaza

customized rings

Talking about plastic stuff. Check out what else they sell here. LEGO looking pendants that will get the kids screaming, and also plastic bracelets. The colorful mix was the one that got me attracted.

backpacking hat yai

creative necklaces made from lego

But if WOOD is your thing then check out the wooden dolls sold here. These wooden puppets can move and dance when you pull its strings.

backpacking hat yai lee garden

wooden dolls

There also seems to be plenty of watches sold here. These watches are different from what you will find in Hat Yai city. These are more colourful and have artsy designs on them

lee garden plaza

Check out the customized shoes. Take a pick of what design you want and the artist will draw it for you. Your spanking new designer shoes will be ready in a few hours.

lee garden market

hand drawn fabric shoes

One of the things that never bores me is their own designed t-shirts. Love the wordings and graphics on these t’s. Cheap too. A t-shirt costs around 120 THB.

lee garden plaza

nicely designed t shirts

Below are some other stuff we saw at the market

lee garden plaza

paper mache coin boxes, key chains, and table ornaments

lee garden week end market

CD pouches, coin purse, hand bag

lee garden market

very nice unique handphone pouches and bags can be found here

lee garden market

hand crafted flower candles

lee garden plaza

even the miniature street food tempts me!

After you are done shopping and you are hungry, you can always check out the many restaurants within Lee Garden Plaza or just walk out to the streets where there are plenty of road side stalls available.

Once again we at backpackies wish you guys a safe and fun-tastic holiday!
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We at backpackies are dedicated to make your holiday a fun, comfortable and bed bug prostitute free!

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  1. jiok

    Hi.. I just came back from Hat Yai.. Wanted to get a pair of customised shoes, but I didn’t have enough time to wait for the shoes to be done, so I had to cancel the booking. sobs.. Wondering if u know the artist or anyone there? Hah.. I know this sounds ridiculous but I really wanted that pair of shoes so badly.. T____T

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