Sunset Bistro Penang – A great beach side place to chill, (brought to you by backpackies)

Looking for the perfect relaxing beach side place to chill and meet up with friends?
Well we are about to reveal one of Penang’s best hidden secrets. Sunset Bistro at Batu Feringghi Penang!
This cafe is by the beach side and offers drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic), food (pretty delicious and reasonably priced), music and perfect ambience for any one looking for a place to chill.

batu feringghi penang cafe

Pleasant ambience at Batu Feringghi Beach in Penang

The stretch of beach in front of Sunset bistro is now booming with activity. There are plenty cafes mushrooming up beside Sunset Bistro. There are even beach front chalets setting up business here. (All of which do not have license to operate). Two of which recently got burnt down. Ali Feringghi Guesthouse Penang Burnt Down 2010
The beach in front of Sunset Bistro is clean, the water is reasonably swimmable (depending on season) and has plenty of operators offering watersports, horse riding and ATV services.

batu ferringhi penang cafe

Beautiful sunset at Batu Feringghi

The entire beach gets very packed with activity during the school holidays. The best time to come here is of course during the sunset. When the sun sets here everyday, the sky turns amber red and combined with the rolling waves, it creates a feeling that could calm any disturbed soul. Of course, it helps with a few bottles of beer as well. Happy hour for sunset bistro is from 5-7.30pm. Beers after that cost RM 10 each for a small bottle. One bucket of beer (6 bottles) costs RM 48.  You can also get Shisha here. The shisha is operated by the beach boys who operate the water sports in the day. You have a choice of mint, strawberry, apple, mango, pineapple, chocolate and many more to choose from. Each stick costs RM 30. You get about 2-3 charcoal refills with each order.
The music is just right. It starts off with slow beachy, reggae music which heats up to RnB and Rock in the later time of the day.

batu feringghi penangThe beach is clean and suitable to bring your kids. Be careful if you want to swim there though. The water here churns out an undercurrent which is dangerous for kids and adults. On a windy day, the undercurrent can pull in a full adult underwater. There are no life guards around. So play it safe!

sunset bistro penang

Open air seating on the beach

The beach tables and seats stretch all the way in to the sea. We were practically sitting in the sea the last time. Wonderful experience.

sunset bistro batu feringghi

love the bubbly cylinder decorations

sunset bistro

What's your poison? Cocktails and alcohol on the rocks

batu feringghi penang

batu feringghi penang

horse riding and water sports out front

Sunset Bistro is opened during the afternoons till late at night (usually around 2am). Depends on the crowd. You can get here on Rapid bus 101 or 102. Stop near Park Royal and walk pass park royal (park royal is on your right), take the first turning on the right. Walk straight to the beach. Sunset Bistro is on the left.

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4 responses to “Sunset Bistro Penang – A great beach side place to chill, (brought to you by backpackies)

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  2. N.G

    The Chi-Bai city council has burnt and torn down the whole bistro without giving any notice and warning on 20th Jan 2011… Wat the fuck you guys think the motive behind? The rest of the outlets at the same roll are not affected…! Lan- Chiaw betul. I am so sad and sick with tis kind of ….. FUCK LA!

  3. beach girl

    Guys, the owners WERE given ample notice. Futhermore, the whole bistro was built illegally on SOMEONE ELSE’S land.

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