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Puduraya Bus Terminal review by backpackies

Holy Shit!

That was my expression when i got to know how much the Malaysian Government spent on refurbishing the Puduraya Bus Terminal. 52 Million Ringgit??!!

For that same amount im very sure they could have included a cable car ride from Petaling Street and connect the insanely ‘UNCONNECTED’ LRT system in the city to make it easier for commuters like us.
Well obviously the politicians do not take LRT’s and busses to work. So why bother.

Anyway, this blog is not about being sarcastic to the ‘ever efficient’ Malaysian Government but to write, photograph and show you what are the upgrades to the newly renovated Puduraya Bus Terminal in KL is like.

puduraya bus terminal kl

This is the new Puduraya Bus Terminal after renovation

Well the traffic jam just outside the bus stop is still as crazy as hell. That hasn’t changed.
So if you are on a car or a taxi and you are in a rush. Chances are better if you ask to get dropped further away, and you walk to the terminal. There are cases where people have waited for 1 hour stuck motionless just in front of Puduraya.

For 52 million they put up a mask design over the old building.

puduraya bus terminal kl

The fly over across the busy street

For your own safety, please do not cross the roads. Use the overhead bridge!!

puduraya bus terminal kl

The other side of the road where KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is

We were really hungry when we wrote this blog, so we decided to eat something universal, where every Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Man, Woman and Child can eat!

puduraya bus terminal kl

Kentucky Fried Chicken is the nearest and most convenient fast food outlet near the bus terminal

Finger Licking Good!

We saw an old Auntie just outside KFC, and she was really sad and pathetic. We decided to buy some water and give her some money as well. It seems that her dignity is so intact despite her conditions, that she refused our offerings.
The next time you guys want to help, maybe you can try buying up the vegetables from her instead.

puduraya bus terminal kl

This old lady was selling vegetables by the road side

Taking the over head bridge to the bus terminal.

puduraya bus terminal kl

fly over to the bus terminal

puduraya bus terminal kl
There are now police men stationed at the bus terminal.

Now that you guys have a new air-conditioned cubicle, make sure you guys do your job!

We are guessing that the tourists inside the cubicle must have lost something.

floor directory

puduraya bus terminal kl

The whole bus terminal is air-conditioned

puduraya bus terminal kl

Nice seating area that is very spacious unl

The platforms are numbered accordingly in sequence. Make sure you get your platform number correct when you are issued the ticket.

puduraya bus terminal kl

ATM machines are located on the ground floor

The ticketing offices are all on the second floor.

puduraya bus terminal kl

Ticketing counters are well-organized and the sellers can only call out to you to buy tickets from them, unlike last time where they could come close to you to hassle you.

The digital departure displays are a good touch.

Make sure you check your bus tickets with the departure screen for your platform and departure time

puduraya bus terminal kl

We just hate the metal seats in the waiting area.

The metal seats in the bus terminal is a stupid idea. The metal chairs were really cold because the management of the bus terminal switched on the air conditioning till super cold.
My german friend once said that in Malaysia, the air conditioning is WORSE than winter in Germany!
Each of the chair had a hand rest! So this means that if one person wanted to lie down on the chairs, he couldn’t! This is such a stupid idea! They should have done up cushion chairs without any dividers. Obviously you will always have tired people who wants to sit comfortably or maybe catch a quick sleeper on the chairs since we already spent 52 F**kin millions on the terminal!

puduraya bus terminal kl

baggage storage facilities

There are baggage storage facilities here. Which is good for people who have a late bus and have plenty of bags to carry around. So if they still want to go out to the city to explore, then they can keep their bags here.

This is the counter where you are supposed to leave your bags with

Some light shopping here at the bus terminal. There is nothing to shout about so please don’t get us started!

puduraya bus terminal kl

mini marts and souvenir shops

puduraya bus terminal kl

the platforms are individually numbered

puduraya bus terminal kl

The departure area is still as smokey as last time and it will only be a matter of time before the walls and ceiling turn black in soot

Everything looks so nice and orderly and for one second there you would have thought all those horrible bus touts would have gotten a regular job at McDonalds or KFC. But no! they have moved base further away from the grasps of the police.

puduraya bus terminal kl

So there were no signs of the touts anywhere near the terminal

When you zoom into the crowd! VOILA!

puduraya bus terminal

as we zoom in, we can see where the touts are hiding.

Bloody touts are conducting business further away from the main building.
Yes touts nowadays also have uniforms. So don’t think people with uniforms are legitimate!
Our conclusion is that Puduraya Bus Terminal has been upgraded into a more hospitable bus terminal compared to the old one.
We hope we have managed to show you a brief of the terminal and what to expect of it.
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Dayabumi Complex or Kompleks Dayabumi review by backpackies

The Dayabumi Complex (Malay: Kompleks Dayabumi) is a major landmark in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It houses several commercial facilities and is one of the earliest skyscrapers in the city. It is located near the National Mosque, the Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station and the Federal House at Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin.

dayabumi complex kl

You can easily spot the dayabumi complex in kl

Dayabumi is not an attraction on its own besides the architecture. But due to its close approximation to the Central Market we decided to walk over and shoot some shots.

dayabumi complex kl

It was designed in a modern Islamic style. The facade of the tower is adorned with patterns of eight-pointed stars, and Islamic arches at the top and bottom of the tower.

dayabumi complex kl

below this globe are the lower level floor for the complex

dayabumi complex kl

dayabumi complex kl
dayabumi complex kl
The Islamic Arches that extend to the top creating a wide space of feel.

dayabumi complex kl
We figured it would be great to take the pictures against the sunlight. This was Zcho Yee’s idea (our photographer)

dayabumi complex kl
Previously, it was a site of Malayan Railway workshops and depots from 1900s until 1981. Construction began in 14 February 1982. Central Market, which is near the banks of Klang River avoided demolition during Dayabumi Complex’s construction. The building was completed in February 1984. It was owned by Urban Development Authority of Malaysia. (UDA).

dayabumi complex kl
Dayabumi Complex was designed by Arkitek MAA and BEP Akitek under the joint venture firm BEP+MAA. The landscaped public realm was designed by Peter Verity (PDRc).The building was built by Kumagai Gumi Malaysia.

We hope that this blog is able to show you what the Dayabumi complex looks like. After taking the pictures here, we went across to Chinatown to have some lunch.  There really wasnt much to see here except the architecture.

So if you are interested on this place, just take the LRT to Pasar Seni (Central Market), if you walk from Central Market you are able to see the complex just beside it.

For more backpacking tips you can visit our website or if you have a facebook account, just like us at backpackies is on facebook.

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Ngau Kee Beef Famous beef noodles in KL review by backpackies

Anyone who is looking for nice decent guesthouses in Kl would definately be staying some where near Bukit Bintang area. Of course you also have the choice of looking for accomodations near China Town (Petaling Street) and also behind Berjaya Times (Something like this place- Equator Hostel)

So if you are staying in Bukit Bintang area, we thought we might as well give you a heads up on the best local eats around the area.
Just on Tengkat Tong Shin, next to Tropical Guesthouse KL is the famous Ngau Kee Beef Noodles.
They used to serve only dinner till late but now it seems they are also open for breakfast. (But in the morning, the owner must have hired some foreigners to man the stall). But we ate the noodles at night as well as in the morning, and they taste the same. Here is what we think of it.

Ngau Kee Beef Noodle @ Tengkat Tung Shin, Kuala Lumpur

The famous Ngau Kee Beef Noodle @ Tengkat Tong Shin, Kuala Lumpur

The seller (both local – in the night and also foreign-day) speak Cantonese (chinese dialect). But to make things easy, thank god they have a menu nailed to the wall behind the stall. Basically you need to tell them

  1. What type of beef parts you want in to your noodles (beef balls only, mixed beef meat or with or without beef innards)
  2. Soup or dry noodles
Ngau Kee Beef Noodle @ Tengkat Tung Shin, Kuala Lumpur

famous Ngau Kee Beef Noodle @ Tengkat Tong Shin, Kuala Lumpur

This is a picture of the beef cuts that they use- soft tender cubes

Ngau Kee Beef Noodle @ Tengkat Tung Shin, Kuala Lumpur

chunks of beef meat all cut and ready to be cooked

Beef stomach that they usually add if you order the mixed meat beef noodles. The stomach is very springy and doesnt really have any special taste to it. Its like eating ligaments from the nose or knee. A very acquired taste really.

Ngau Kee Beef Noodle @ Tengkat Tung Shin, Kuala Lumpur

Pork stomach and bits of their innards

Ngau Kee Beef Noodle @ Tengkat Tung Shin, Kuala Lumpur

noodles being cooked in hot water

The noodles are the Wan Thun mee type which are springy! We just love this type of noodles because the springy texture gives the noodles more life in them. When you bite into the noodles, it is half chewy and soft.

Ngau Kee Beef Noodle @ Tengkat Tung Shin, Kuala Lumpur

Ngau Kee Beef Noodle @ Tengkat Tung Shin, Kuala Lumpur

deliciously springy noodles with minced beef meat and spring onions

We actually had 2 bowls of noodles here. The first one was at 12am in the morning for supper where we forgot about our camera, so we had to return the next morning for breakfast to take the pictures for this blog.
And like i said previously, the night shift was manned by a chinese man and the day was manned by a Myanmar national. Both of the time, the noodles tasted just as tasty. So you if you are staying within the Bukit Bintang area and want something locally famous. Try to get your hungry butt here!!

We give this place 1.5 thumbs up! For more free travel information, please visit us at www.backpackies.com or if you have facebook (everybody does nowadays) please do add us on backpackies is now on facebook.

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LCCT Tune Hotel KL, 3 hour refresher package review by backpackies

Hi there! Backpackies is back!  This time we are going to try out the Tune Hotel at (Low Cost Carrier Terminal otherwise known as LCCT in KL).

In case you guys just got to know us. Backpackies is a free group that anyone and everyone can join, to share travel information with each other so we can get the best first hand travel advice!

So please if you are new here, please add us on facebook – (Backpackies)!! And don’t tell us you don’t have facebook! Everyone has at least 3 accounts nowadays! 😉

We pin pointed the main dilemmas that almost everyone that is flying into LCCT AIR ASIA LOW COST CARRIER TERMINAL is

1)      Im flying in to KL LCCT Terminal at a funny odd time, when almost everything is closed and my connecting flight is early in the morning.

2)      Im flying in to KL LCCT Terminal early in the morning or have flown in from a very far destination, and have about 5-6 hours transit in the airport, and badly in need of sleep.

3)      Have a long transit time and want to get some rest so that you are well rested for your holiday.

4)      Just plain spoilt and refuse to sleep on the hard plastic chairs or on the floor.

5)      You need a hotel room for???

If you are in any of the following categories, then you would be interested in the 3 hour refresher package at TUNE HOTEL.

Here is our RM 60 ringgit thought on it. And we would like to stress this is a commercial free blog and we write our mind on it. So please mind if there is any excessive language being used.

LCCT Air Asia Terminal, Tune hotel

Tune Hotel LCCT Airport

There are shuttle busses available from the LCCT terminal to  TUNE HOTEL LCCT Airport for like RM 1 per way. So take it if you have plenty of bags. Because you can only push your trolley half way. And the rest you need to push.

But yes, we were stingy and wanted to test the “claimed” 7 minute walk from LCCT terminal. Donkeys arse! It was a good 11 minutes at least! Or maybe more if you have short legs like me…since i was running when i timed it.

tune hotel lcct kl

Sure you can see the hotel from LCCT. But its still a good 10 minutes walk there

The hotel is very visible, so you can actually see if from far. So its very unlikely you will get lost.

LCCT tune hotel kl

There are 1 restaurant called DECANTER just at the compound of the hotel and also a 24 hour minimart. So it was RM 8 for a mug of beer vs RM 3.20 for a packet of noodles. Guess what we had??

lcct tune hotel kl

There are plenty of seating areas outside the the entrance of Tune Hotel.

tune hotel lcct kl

Outdoor shaded seating area

Inside the lobby, to rest your tired body and legs, you can try the expensive automated massage chairs. We prefer the 2 hour full body vitamin AEIOU massages in Laos though. So we didnt try the chairs. If you did, please let us know how it hurt your pocket more than it cured your hurting bodies!

tune hotel lcct kl

massage chairs in the lobby

There is the internet stations available next to the lobby

tune hotel lcct kl

Tune Hotel is like a factory. Everything is all about time. The 3 hour refresher package for Tune Hotel is available from 9 am to 6pm. But this is subject to availability. We took the package from 10pm which will last till 1pm.  Since the room wasnt ready yet, we had to wait for about 20 minutes before the room was ready. We made sure before we paid, that the timer started from the time we checked in.

Apparently, the woman at the front desk told us that the counter will only start when you put in your key to card in the room to activate the power in the room. So you dont have to run from the lobby to your room like what we monkeys did.
tune hotel lcct kl

Surprisingly there was a steady stream of guests coming in to stay here. We are guessing that this is because they dont have any other choice. The 3 hour refresher package costs RM 60 and is valid for 3 hours. There is a fan, air conditioning and you will get a toiletries set with shampoo and soap in it as well as a towel. There is a RM 5 deposit and a RM 10 for the key card. So up front you have to pay RM 75 for the room. When you check out, just bring back the towel and key card and get your RM 15 back.

lcct tune hotel

Lobby of LCCT Tune Hotel KL

The room was very small and compact. But functional of course. There weren’t any windows in the room, so expect to be blacked out when you close the doors. (Room can be very dark and stuffy) The lights are mostly spotlights and there was a big mirror which made the room feel bigger. Also it was kind of kinky too! 😉

backpacking kl

The small compact room

The beds were comfortable and the pillows were soft. Overall the place was clean and good for to get rest. Sure its a bit pricey, so make sure you get some rest immediately when you get into the room.

The toilet was clean. The showers water pressure was powerful enough.

lcct tune hotel

Small but functional toilet

I’m very sure you didn’t need to pay for the toilet paper! (if i remember correctly)

lcct tune hotel

Air conditioning control

And if the air conditioning does not work. You don’t have to go all the way down to the lobby and waste precious time off your 3 hours to figure whats wrong. We already wasted our 15 minutes to get the information for you. All you need to do is, make sure the side switch here, is turned ON!

tune hotel LCCT

towel, soap and shampoo

Your essential package of toiletries and towel. So here is the counter we were talking about. Once the timer goes off, you have about 10 minutes to 15 minutes before the power cuts off, or someone comes knocking at your door asking you to bugger off…!

lcct tune hotel

counter for the 3 hours, and then its "BLACK OUT"

So what we think about the whole experience ?? Well the room was clean and comfortable. Basic so don’t expect much.
But for the price, unless we are really in dire need of sleep and could just die standing, then we would take this same package again.
If you get down from the plane and need rest badly before you’re connecting flight, just remember the 11 minute walk before you reach the hotel.

Till then, please join us on facebook at backpackies to get the best travel tips in Asia!  Till then have fun and travel safe!


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Changkat Bukit Bintang- A very nice place to chill, catch up with friends, have drinks and food in KL

Changkat Bukit Bintang is one of Kuala Lumpur’s most “happening” places to hang out at night. This street is lined with a mix of chic casual bars, restaurants, street hawkers, pubs and budget hotels.

The dining options along Changkat Bukit Bintang are endless. Changkat Bukit Bintang has one of the most vibrant restaurant scene in downtown Kuala Lumpur, with
Japanese (Yoko’s), Indian (The Mogul House), French (Le Bouchon), German (Deutches Haus), English (The Green Man), Lebanese (The Al Bait), Cuban (Little Havana), Brazillian (Bom Brazil Churrascaria), Russian (Dusha), Italian (Flam’s),Thai (Baan 26) or fusion delights such as Werner’s, twenty.one and Frangipani.For pork-lovers, there’s Elcerdo, a restaurant specialising in all things pork, and for fans of good old fish and chips, there’s The Magnificent Fish and Chips Bar, touted as the best fish-and-chips restaurant in town.

night life in kl

Changkat Bukit Bintang Kl - full of traffic and lined with clubs, pubs and people

The traffic can sometimes get on your nerves even before you enter in to the restaurant and pub.  During the night, the jam is almost at a constant crawl. Traffic is bad and the honking is mindless. So if you are on a taxi, just hop off if you are nearby and walk. No point paying for the taxi to just crawl with the rest of the traffic.
Once you are in the club/pub or restaurant, you will practically be in your own world. Most of the time you will actually find that the music from the clubs are often louder than the horns from the traffic! – Then you are as drunk as us!

changkat bukit bintang kl

There are a few Irish pubs along Changkat Bukit Bintang

If you are looking for a nice place to chill for music, drinks and some light food then you can recommend your friends to Changkat Bukit Bintang. Best thing about this place is, if you prefer local hawker food, Jalan Alor which is a famous hawker street in KL, is just on the next road. You can practically walk over, feast on local hawker cuisine, then come back to Changkat Bukit Bintang for some slow drinks and nice music. Alternatively, if you are looking for some “clubbing time” most of the clubs turn wild after 10. Try Gypsy and Reggae Bar.

changkat bukit bintang kl

Most pubs are crowded even on weekdays

One thing you need to know before you start suggesting places to meet up with your friends. Frangipani is a famous Gay Club.
Not suitable for kids and women. Great place to have your bachelor night!

frangipani changkat bukit bintang

frangipani- a gay mens club

Backpacking Kl backpackies
Some places have all night happy hours but most happy hours finish by 9pm. Twenty One is a nice place to chill during happy hour. The environment is conducive and suitable to chat and catch up with friends.

clubbing kl changkat bukit bintang

happy hour menus all night long

Of course the cars you see parked on the road side causing all the traffic are not Kancils, kelisas or toyotas. Most of these guys rev out their best in the garage just to put up a show. Kl girls just love guys with fancy cars. No money no problem. Just drive a nice car.

clubbing changkat bukit bintang kl

Lamborghinis, Ferarris, Hummer's, TT's, this is the place to show it off

bukit bintang pubs
After you are done clubbing or drinking till late at night, 80% you will be hungry. Pub kitchens usually close at 12am latest. So where do you go? Join the locals for some “lok lok”. Meat balls, chicken, squid, boiled eggs, vegetable, cuttlefish are sold on a bamboo skewer. Simply pick out what you want and then throw it into the hot boiling pot of water in front. This is to cook or rather heat up your food. Then there are small bowls of peanut sauce, red chili sauce, green chili sauce and sweet sauce in front of the stall. After you cook/heat up your sticks of food, just dip it in the sauce and its ready to be eaten. Delicious!

bukit bintang kl

lok lok

We hope this gives you a somewhat small but clear picture of what to expect along Changkat Bukit Bintang. So if you are staying around Bukit Bintang (most guesthouses are here) and want to look for a nice place with clubs/bars and food. This is where you go to.

FOR MORE FREE BACKPACKING TRAVEL TIPS. Visit us at www.backpackies.com or if you have facebook (who doesn’t nowadays), please like our fan page and help it grow. Backpackies is now on facebook. We try our best to answer all questions fast! Plus we are a little bit crazy so expect to have a frentastic holiday with us!

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Batu Caves KL – Kuala Lumpur’s Attractions by backpackies

We are back and very much BOLDER! At Backpackies we once again bring you the wackiest reviews on the many attractions in Kuala Lumpur. (Also known as KL in short to the locals)
At backpackies we painstakingly take the pictures, do the writeup, go home,  compile, bullshit and come up with a blog like this so when you read it. You go “Wow, this is awesome”!. So please do bloody read it and comment!

Whats so attractive about a bunch of 400 million year old lime rock you ask?

We are here to find out.
This series of lime stone caves in Batu Caves is an Indian temple dedicated to Lord Muruga,a popular Hindu deity among Tamil Hindus. He is known as the God of War and patron deity of Tamil Nadu. The founder of this temple was inspired by the “vel” shaped entrance of the main cave. He decided to build and dedicate this temple to Lord Muruga. Back in the 1920’s, when the temple was first built, wooden steps were used to go up to the Main Temple. This was then replaced with the 272 concrete steps.
For more reading information on this place please read Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur

We will touch on how to get to Batu Caves towards the end of this blog (as its such a pain in the ass, getting here on a budget and using the public transport)

Get here before 7.30am as it starts to get unbearably hot after that. This shot below of the main gate was taken around 7.45am. Plus if you reach here earlier, you beat the bus loads of tourists. So you get to explore the entire temple and caves at your own pace.

Batu caves is one of the most popular Hindu Shrine outside of India. The name “Batu Caves” was derived from the name of the river behind it called “Sungai Batu” or Batu River.
These caves rise almost 150 m above the ground, Batu Caves temple complex consists of three main caves and a few smaller ones. The biggest, referred to as Cathedral Cave or Temple Cave, has a 100 m-high ceiling, and features ornate Hindu shrines. To reach it, you need to climb the steep flight of 272 steps. At the base of the Main Cave is the Art Cave and the Museum Cave.  These caves showcases some Hindu Statues and Paintings. Most of these paintings and statues tell the story of the victory of Lord Muragan over the demon  Soorapadman.

Batu Caves temple kuala Lumpur

Entrance gate to Batu Caves

To the left of the “almost vertical” staircase is another lime stone out crop. Walking there you will pass a huge 60 foot high Hanuman Statue (Monkey God) on a small temple on the left and another bigger temple to the right. The smaller cave seemed to be closed. We later found out that this cave was known as the Ramayana Cave. It was supposed to contain pictures and graphic statues telling the chronicles of Rama. When we checked, it was shamefully full of rubbish and the upkeep was obviously terrible.

In ancient times, these cave entrances were used as shelters by the indigenous Temuan people (a tribe of Orang Asli). Now rubbish takes shelter in this cave? The temple commitee should do something about this. It is a potential tourist attraction.

batu caves temple kuala Lumpur with backpackies

One of the smaller caves

batu caves temple kuala Lumpur with backpackies

The smaller cave seems to be closed up for some time

The picture below is the bigger temple opposite the Hanuman Temple. You are allowed observe the prayers,take pictures, pay respects and even donate at the donation box.  You will need to take off your shoes at the steps.One more thing we forgot to tell you is, LEAVE YOUR NIKE’S back home. People here will come with a broken slipper and end up going back with a leather PUMA. You get the drift. Wear only the broken slippers your mother threw away.

batu caves temple kuala Lumpur by backpackies

Indian Temple at the Base of the Caves

Somehow, “feeding the pigeons” seems to be an activity on its own. We saw  a few families buying bread crumbs and rice to feed them.

batu caves temple kuala Lumpur with backpackies

Feed the pigeons on the temple grounds

The golden Lord Muruga Statue is the tallest Lord Muruga Statue in the world. It stands at 42.7m (140.09 feet ) high and was unveiled in January 2006. It took 3 years to construct.

batu caves temple kuala Lumpur by backpackies

Now for the main attraction 272 Steps to Climb!

Plenty of people have asked us whether the steps are dangerous to climb and whether it is hard for older people to climb it.  we must admit, the steps are a bit steep so it is safer to hold on to the hand rails. There are resting stops (wider slabs of concrete) separating the many steps. These are great for older people to stop climbing and rest in between.  As you are reaching the top, the overhanging stalagmites and stalactites are pretty impressive when you look up at it.

These steps used to be made of wood back in the olden days before it was renovated.

batu caves temple kuala Lumpur by backpackies

The hike up is pretty safe although the steps can be a little small

Along the steps up and also inside the caves, are a gang of monkeys. They have grown pretty big sized (from all those fatty stolen food) due to tourist’s voluntary and involuntary donations. Take care of your bags and make sure you don’t have any plastic bags exposed or carry anything that looks like food. For they will go ahead and grab it from you. Trust me, they aren’t afraid of a little shout.

backpackies in kl

Ive got the balls to steal! Look at my big balls

Looking back after your climb up, you can see the entire town below. It is an amazing sight.

batu caves temple kuala Lumpur by backpackies

Looking down at your accomplishment

For all you “Rocky Wannabes” the temple gates at the top of the stairs is as far as you get. No more jogging and exercise beyond this point. (Due to the fact that plenty of people come here to train and exercise in the mornings). And no victory shouting when you make it to the top of the stairs please! 😀

batu caves temple kl

This sign says it all

batu caves temple kuala Lumpur

Arriving at the caves

The caves can be  a little wet due to the rain and fresh water from the mountains. So watch your cameras and other stuff you don’t want to get wet properly. Inside the caves are colourful indian god statues decorating the inside of the cave.

batu caves temple kuala Lumpur

Colorful godly statues decorate the caves

There are some stalls selling ugly souvenirs and junk food (which are normally used to feed the monkeys)

batu caves temple kuala Lumpur

heading further into the caves

There is a huge opening in the middle of the big cave. When it rains, the water that flows down the cave walls form tiny crystals against the sun light. Wonderful!

batu caves temple kuala Lumpur

Lime stone roofs - so it can get really wet especially when it rains

batu caves temple kuala Lumpur backpackies

Zooming into the hole in the roof

batu caves temple kuala Lumpur

More statues in the main caves

batu caves kuala Lumpur

Gods watching us from up high in the cave walls

batu caves kuala Lumpur backpackies

Temple in the last cave

In the last cave, there is like a high vertical wall chimny-ing to the top. Another group of monkeys live here. They seem to be the star of the show here. Everybody seems to be taking pictures of them.

batu caves kuala Lumpur

Plenty of Monkeys in the last cave

Batu Caves receives millions of tourist and devotees from around the world here. The biggest celebrations here is the Thaipusam. Read more on Thaipusam . Celebrations are usually held in January or February

batu caves kuala Lumpur backpackies

panorama view of the inner cave

Getting to the Caves. Is a pain in the ass. There are direct taxis to the Caves, but they wont go unless you agree to a crazy price of RM 40. Getting to the caves, you can always hail a metered taxi which will cost you around Rm 16 one way. Once you are there, you are at the mercy of the taxi bandits. If you don’t agree on the price, just walk away. You can also walk out to the main road and hail a cab there.
The other way of getting here is by bus. You can take the 11/11d Buses from Bangkok Bank Terminal (Near to Puduraya Terminal) or Bus U6 from Titiwangsa. This is the longest method of coming. The other down side is that there are plenty of bus stops. And the route aint scenic at all.

Recently there is a new KTM service that connects Batu Caves to KL Sentral. Hooray you would think. God damn! You need to note down the timing of the train. Also, don’t be in a hurry to board it. (It doesn’t leave on time).

We ran for the train seeing that it had arrived. The station master told us that the train wont be leaving for another 45 minutes. So we sit and wait (disgruntled). When it was time to get on the train, we did. #!%^#$.  The train took 1 hour to reach KL Sentral. The only comfort is probably the comfortable seats compared to the bus. And it is also cheaper than the taxi.

batu caves kuala Lumpur backpackies

Taking the KTM train from KL sentral to Batu Caves is agony

Best time to witness Batu Caves in full action is during the Thaipusam Festival. Check to see when it is held. This place will be filled with thousands of Hindu devotees from around the world. So expect it to get really packed and sweaty.
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Air Asia flights, now you can call while you fly!

Yes folks, you read it right – now you can make phone calls, check/receive sms and surf the web with your mobile phone 30,000 ft up in the air.

Technology is progressing faster than we thought, gone are the days when NOT turning off your mobile phone is a big NO NO, a taboo even.


turn off mobile phone during flight

Uncle Sam is warning you!


Air Asia has quietly upgraded it’s flights to be mobile friendly, something we only recently found out. We noticed all seats were equipped with leaflets from Maxis.


Air Asia is mobile friendly

For those important moments as mentioned on the leaflet


And when we look up, the NO SMOKING signal has been replaced by PHONE USE IS PROHIBITED sign.


Call from Air Asia flights

The surefire way to tell if your flight is mobile phone friendly


Of course, you are not allowed to switch on your phone until the signal is off – that means during take off and landing. Other than that, you are free to call or text. And if you’re lucky, you might receive an sms from Maxis which entitles you to a FREE DRINK on board! Just show the message to any of the friendly Air Asia cabin crew to redeem it. Maybe some Milo or a boxed drink?


Call from Air Asia flights

Step by step instructions on making calls


Before you go crazy calling everyone you know 30,000 ft up in the air, a gentle reminder that the calls made during your Air Asia flight comes with a price – at RM11/minute! Same goes for web browsing, unless it’s a do or die situation, we seriously advice you guys to hold on the urge to go online. Because you might end up watching a clip on YouTube and pay RM125 for it!


Expensive to call from Air Asia flights

Think first, call later!


You’ve been warned. Happy traveling!

So if you are flying on an Air Asia flight, most likely you will be landing at one time or another at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal- LCCT. Guess what? We also wrote a blog about what to expect at the LCCT and also how to use the self check in kiosk! Check it out!! >>  click here.
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