Backpacking Penang @ Wat Chaiyamagalaram Thai Buddhist Temple

Wat Chaiyamangalaram is located on Burma Lane.

There are two temples here on Burma Lane, one is a Thai Buddhist Temple which is Wat Chaiyamangalaram and the one opposite is the Burmese Buddhist Temple – Dhammikarama Temple.

We will first visit Wat Chaiyamangalaram, home of the purportedly “Worlds 3rd longest Sleeping Buddha”. Visiting hours are 7am to 6pm. Main shrine hall is open from 8 am to 5pm. Bus 103 will take you here.

Entrance to the "Worlds 3rd Longest Reclining Buddha in the World"

Entrance to the main shrine hall is guarded by larger than life deities and dragons

Towering guardian dieties. Similar structures are common in thailand. A good example is at Suvarnabhum Airport!

Flowing body of the guardian dragon

the tale of Two deities

One of the shrine halls. Love it that the brightly lit doors seem to be leading to heaven?

Temple Diety @ Wat Chayamangalaram Penang

Supposedly the "worlds third longest sleeping Buddha in the world" I wonder why some Muslims dislike entering places of worships for other religions. These middle eastern tourists seem to be having fun visiting this temple.

Devotees will place golden leaves on the Buddha statues and make prayers

deities of the temple

the entire base of the sleeping Buddha is decorated with paintings from the scenes of his life

Beneath the sleeping Buddha is a Columbarium! Where they store the remains of dead devotees

Buddha statues guarding the remains of dead devotees

various drawings depicting the times of the Buddha or representations of the heavens, hell and the human world

The wheel of Dhamma on the foot of the Buddha statue

The Wheel of Dhamma or Dharmacakra is translated as wheel of doctrine or wheel of law or the teaching of the Buddha.

Decorated tiles with lillies

When Lord Buddha was born, his mother Queen Maya and her son were showered with perfumed blossoms, and two streams of sparkling water poured from the sky to bathe them. The infant stood, and took seven steps on the water lillies, and proclaimed “I alone am the World-Honored One!”

Another shrine outside which features the Four faced Buddha that is similar to the Erawan shrine in Bangkok!

This temple alone wasn’t worth the visit, but because Dharmikarama Temple was just opposite , it was worth our time. 😀 As taking the bus can be really time consuming.

If you are following a tour, they might include this temple in the tour as well.

We forgot to mention that the entrance is free. We hope you have fun backpacking!

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2 responses to “Backpacking Penang @ Wat Chaiyamagalaram Thai Buddhist Temple

  1. whocaredontcare

    “I wonder why some Muslims dislike entering places of worships for other religions.”

    bro, who say that ?

    • These Middle Eastern tourists were taken to the temple by their Malay friends they just met. This was a quote by them.

      Conversation follows:
      Man: Im here because my friends want to see the temple.
      Us: you not entering?
      Man: No. Its ok. We are Muslim. Dont really like to enter places like this.

      We are just guessing from this conversation…thats why we say Some. But im sure thats not true. Is it?

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