Air Asia flights, now you can call while you fly!

Yes folks, you read it right – now you can make phone calls, check/receive sms and surf the web with your mobile phone 30,000 ft up in the air.

Technology is progressing faster than we thought, gone are the days when NOT turning off your mobile phone is a big NO NO, a taboo even.


turn off mobile phone during flight

Uncle Sam is warning you!


Air Asia has quietly upgraded it’s flights to be mobile friendly, something we only recently found out. We noticed all seats were equipped with leaflets from Maxis.


Air Asia is mobile friendly

For those important moments as mentioned on the leaflet


And when we look up, the NO SMOKING signal has been replaced by PHONE USE IS PROHIBITED sign.


Call from Air Asia flights

The surefire way to tell if your flight is mobile phone friendly


Of course, you are not allowed to switch on your phone until the signal is off – that means during take off and landing. Other than that, you are free to call or text. And if you’re lucky, you might receive an sms from Maxis which entitles you to a FREE DRINK on board! Just show the message to any of the friendly Air Asia cabin crew to redeem it. Maybe some Milo or a boxed drink?


Call from Air Asia flights

Step by step instructions on making calls


Before you go crazy calling everyone you know 30,000 ft up in the air, a gentle reminder that the calls made during your Air Asia flight comes with a price – at RM11/minute! Same goes for web browsing, unless it’s a do or die situation, we seriously advice you guys to hold on the urge to go online. Because you might end up watching a clip on YouTube and pay RM125 for it!


Expensive to call from Air Asia flights

Think first, call later!


You’ve been warned. Happy traveling!

So if you are flying on an Air Asia flight, most likely you will be landing at one time or another at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal- LCCT. Guess what? We also wrote a blog about what to expect at the LCCT and also how to use the self check in kiosk! Check it out!! >>  click here.
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