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Flying around Asia on Air Asia budget airlines? Stuck in LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) for a couple of hours and dont know what to expect? Backpackies is here to help!!! Well we have been transiting quite a lot here of late. With Air Asia expanding its routes to places like China, Japan, Korea, UK, you are bound to fly in to KL one way or another.
And Flying out of Kl is cheaper too! For example: It is cheaper to fly KL (Kuala Lumpur) – Macao than Penang – Macao, even though the distance is nearer. Don’t believe us, next time check and see.

Anyways, LCCT has now become the main Hub for Air Asia operations in Asia. So we did a little tour and tried out what this ” little expanding” airport has to offer.

The LCCT terminal is different from KLIA Airport. LCCT is the Low Cost Carrier Termnal. Although these two airports are next to each other. But you need to take a bus or a taxi in between them.
LCCT is about 50 minutes from KL town.It costs roughly RM 70 for a taxi from LCCT to town.

Air Asia airport

Welcome to Low Cost Carrier Terminal KL

When you are in LCCT, a few things that you have got to remember is, your bags!

LCCT airport kl

Make sure your hand carry items are within specifications

DONT WORRY, if your luggage is too heavy or out of dimension from the “suggested hand carry”chart. It is all about confidence! Carry that 20kg hand bag like it weights a feather. You will definitely get in.Β  Usually the airline staff would not check your hand luggage to see if it is according to specs. Unless you look like you are lunging a cow in your bag then maybe then you will look pretty suspicious. By then, all the advice in the world wont be able to help you.

lcct terminal kl

Always double-check your boarding pass and keep it safe with you

Flying in to LCCT, but planning to go to KL city? Well you don’t have to take a cab anymore. There are busses that will take you to the speed train. From there the speed train will take you to KL city. For rates, check out KLIA transit . Taking the train, you will avoid the KL jam. So if you have a long transit time, but is not that long till you got more than half a day to spend, you will need to get back to the LCCT terminal or KLIA terminal quickly. Might be wiser to take the express train compared to the taxi. Or course if there is 2-3 of you, then the taxi is cheaper.

KL transit bus LCCT terminal

LCCT is now connected to KL transit trains

Stuck in LCCT with nothing to do? If you have your own laptop, then good for you. There is free wifi internet connection. But you are only limited to a continuous usage of 2 hours. So if you have a long transit or want more surfing time, just disconnect, erase your cookies and WAALAAA! you have internet again for 2 more hours.

free wifi LCCT terminal

Free Wifi in the LCCT terminal. Each person can use for 2 hours

Transiting and wanting to keep your luggage somewhere while you walk around or make a quickie to KL town? Well if your baggage is normal size, then there is baggage storage just outside the arrival hall. Surf boards? errrrr *** not sure.

LCCT Air Asia budget terminal

Ther terminal has luggage storage but not for big items like surf boards

Make sure you have your gates and departure time written down.

budget flights kl

The main departure and arrival board

Thirsty and want to buy water and newspapers? We notice, the first place people buy it from is the book store at the corner of the entrance, opposite Taste of Asia.

budget flights malaysia

Bottled water sold at the book store is expensive!

It is cheaper if you get it from the Emporium.

backpacking kl

Head to the Emporium to get your bottled water. Emporium is just outside, next to Mc Donalds

There are some minor shopping here. Perfume, chocolates, bags, shoes, body care products, and souvenirs.

backpacking kl

Shopping in LCCT

Getting in touch with your loved ones? The usual problem is not buying a post card. It is POSTING IT!

backpacking kl

Post box just outside the main door to send your last-minute post cards and mail by snail mail

Need to charge your phones? Apparently this is a free charger. You need to check it out and let us know if it is really free.

backpacking in kl

Free battery charger? We still have the saying "Nothing is free" in our heads

backpacking kl

Instructions on how to charge your phone

Long transit? Well one thing about LCCT is the airport is getting more and more crowded. The chairs aren’t exactly comfortable either.

backpacking kl

Long transit times? Sleeping on the seats?

Majority of them are plastic chairs to be exact. Imagine sitting on these for 6 hours? The gaps in between them make it impossible to sleep on them.

backpacking kl

If you are lucky, you wont be sitting on these plastic seats!

Some just don’t care and are ready to get comfy.

backpacking kl

Maybe you should get comfy?

If you got moolah to spend. Why not try the premium lounge. The better premium lounge is in the departure lounge. The smaller Premium lounge just outside the immigration is lousy! Sitting area and some computers to use the internet.

premier lounge klia

*fancy getting a good sleep on Air Asia's 90 degree seats*? Drink in style with free flow beer, wifi, and comfy lounge at The Premier Lounge

There are more choices of food outlets in the main LCCT terminal compared to inside the departure lounge. So if you are planning to eat, we suggest you eat before heading into the departure lounge.

We were famished by the time we finished taking pictures of LCCT. Decided on taking the biggest burger they had in Mc Donalds. Apparently the triple cheese burger aint that big after all! πŸ˜€

backpacking kl

Triple cheese burger = big burger my ass! It's the same height as my pinky!

If you are planning to have a cup of coffee? We all know Mc Donalds coffee is terrible. (although they have free refills, which is the only plus point), Coffee bean is better than Starbucks but they are both expensive. Which really leaves us with OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE. Tried the “kau kau” (super strong) white coffee there. Fantastic! Plus its cheaper too! πŸ˜€ Yumsss enjoy!

backpacking kl

best coffee in LCCT terminal

We hope this gives you a better idea of what to expect here at the LCCT. If you have any other smart traveling tips, please share them with us. For more free budget information, visit us as www.backpackies.com or join our whacky travel group at backpackies is now on facebook

We wish you a happy and exciting trip ahead! Happy backpacking!



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63 responses to “Low Cost Carrier Terminal, LCCT Air Asia KL by backpackies

  1. Kazebert

    they dun really check for hand carry luggage..
    I took it 25kg hand luggage in ( 4 bags )

    maybe i was lucky.. haha

  2. I think they only do random checks. I guess you are lucky! or you must have carried 25 kilos very easily…:D very strong!

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  4. Bernard

    i’m planning to fly to KL from Singapore using airasia, depart singapore at 7.40 am , do u happen to know what time i have to check-in on the singapore side and does the plane land at KL’s LCCT or KLIA?

    • Hi there Bernard.
      If you are flying from Singapore to KL, it is considered a interrnational flight. All international flights need to be checked in 2 hours before flight time.
      Which means you need to be at the airport by 5.40am.(safer) The latest you need to check in at least 1 hour before flight time. But thats really cutting it close, considering the tight security at Singapore airport and also immigration clearance.

      All Air Asia planes will land at KL LCCT. You can get frm LCCT to KLIA by the transit bus or cab.
      If you are heading down to town, there are trains, and busses to take you to town.
      Have a safe flight!

  5. Liana

    Hi !!! Many thks for the great info πŸ™‚
    Am planning to fly to Seoul via KL on Air Asia. Was contemplating if I should purcahse the bus-transfer tickets on website. Good thing I chance upon this. Now that I know Air Asia lands/departs from LCCT, I can save the ~ SGD20 :p Might get me a decent meal while waiting for next flight out.

    Thanks again πŸ˜€

  6. realdreamer

    Thanks you answered all my worries! Will be heading to Kuala Lumpur via Air Asia on January. I guess the time gap between my connecting flight is almost 11 hours. What could you suggest to do around 11 hours?

    My connecting flight has different airlines. It would be via Cebu Pacific then Air Asia, individually booked. Do you have idea if they are on the same terminal? They say Cebu Pacific lands on LCCT Kuala Lumpur, as the Air Asia is. Thanks.

    • Hi realdreamer.
      Check this link out. http://www.lcct.com.my/transportation/budget-airlines/about-budget-airlines
      It does say that Cebu Pacific does fly to LCCT. Please double check at the check in counter. In any case, the only wrong information from this link is that Firefly Budget Airlines does not fly to LCCT. They fly to Subang Airport.
      11 hours transit is a real killer. You have a couple of options depending on what time you are arriving and departing. Minus 2 hours for check in time. You only have a transit time of 9 hours.
      1) leave your lugguage at the storage area, and take a bus down to KL town. (1 hour journey). If it is during peak hours (lunch or after work hours) journey may take longer. You can do some light shopping and tour of the city. KLCC and Petronas twin towers maybe? Leave 1 hour allowance for the journey back.
      2) Check into a hotel and rest. List of hotels nearby are http://www.lcct.com.my/hotels. Best to book early and get a room at Tune Hotel.
      This again depends on your transit time. If you are arriving at LCCT early in the morning, you cant check in till 2pm.
      Tune offers 3 hour room usage as well.
      Come to the worse, Concorde Inn is your next best choice that wont break your budget. Becareful as the hotels posted here may show cheap rates, but most of them are far away from the hotel. The transportation charges will kill you.
      3) Forget the hotel and get drunk. Check out the premier lounge? http://www.lcct.com.my/facilities/plaza-premium-lounge
      4) Find a comfoprtable seat and wait like the rest us. Best seats are at coffee bean and marry brown.

      Good luck!!

  7. nicky

    Thanks a million for your article! It’s the most useful information as to what the LCCT is really like inside. I’m contemplating using AirAsia’s 2 flights using KL as just a transit hub, but with an 8 hr connection time to another leg in day time. What I still don’t understand is how it is allowed to get out of LCCT without any Malaysian visa? Or would one need to get hold of visa or some sort to move freely between the main terminal and the LCCT? I’m not bold enough to go into the city, I just prefer killing time inside KLIA main terminal (which I actually know and like).

    • Hi there Nicky.
      πŸ˜€ Thanks for reading our article! We should be coming up with one about how to get booze and get wasted while surviving long transit times soon!
      I think you will be issued a temporary visa when you get here in case you are transiting. And my guess is that you will be stuck in the transit terminal LCCT.
      8hours transit time isnt long. Take into account about 1 hour to walk from the tarmac to baggage claim and to get your bags when you arrive, 3o min to queue to check in your baggage and 2 hour prior check in before flight time. But still anything more than 3 hours, we consider LONG! ;D
      KLIA is just beside LCCT. The problem is getting to KLIA from LCCT. There is a bus shuttle service from LCCT to KLIA.
      From arrival, head out straight. The bus stop is on the left of the door. Yes, maybe you can roam about KLIA. But i dont know if you agree with me. The KLIA departure hall doesnt seem to have anything in it. Everything nice seems to be concentrated in the International Departure hall where only those with a flight ticket can enter.
      There isnt much to do in LCCT or KLIA. If you need to rest, Tune Hotel does charge a fee for a 3 hour usage of their rooms, just to have ashort nap and freshen up maybe? Check tune hotel for more info.
      Else i wouldnt recommend wandering in to town, unless you have no check in baggage. Please include bus times to town. 1hr each way.
      Comfortable seats are found at Coffee Bean LCCT.
      If you like to splurge and go for a “beer buffet” you can head to LCCT premier lounge
      Its too expensive if you ask me.
      I personally suggest with that amount of time.
      1) If no bag to check in. Go to town. Or you can take a bus to KLIA and hang out there. But just be aware that there are similar cafes at LCCT.
      Going to KLIA only to buy time and for change of atmosphere.
      2) If you are tired, check in to LCCT. A freshen up is worth the while. The other hotels around are too expensive.

      Good Luck nicky! Happy holidays!

  8. nicky

    Thanks for your super-quick response! I didn’t realised the fact that I couldn’t go inside KLIA’s international hall. Quite, what’s the point to move there from LCCT in this case! I also couldn’t thank you more for pointing me that I should take into account at least 4 hours for walking, queueing & waiting… Here’s a newbie for LCC for you ;P

    As Tune Hotel was fully booked, I reached my conclusion that I should use Premier Lounge. Call me gullible, but I think it’s worth it after comparing the hard plastic seats’ photos you showed here with the comfy seating area in the lounge, plus newspapers and internet… After paying for RM128 I would still be so much better off than using major airlines! Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

    • Ha ha well LCCT and KLIA is a shitty airport to start with.
      We got to the point of trying to drink ourselves silly with our “self brought alcohol” so that we could pass out on the plastic benches.
      Join us on facebook if you have an account. Backpackies Fan Page! You can let us know, what your RM 128 experience is there. Or if it turns out terrible…..also please do write to us. πŸ˜€
      but we hope you have a safe and comfortable 8 hours ahead..
      **Just dont get too comfortable and miss your flight. Or tell the reception at premier lounge, to alert you when the flight is about to board.

  9. Nicky

    Hi again, I’m back home
    Β£34 per person Premium Lounge was pricy, but well worth it for resting for full 5 hrs, particularly after 8 hr flight! We used the one on the ground floor.

    PROS: comfy soft seats, air-conditioned room, many cold bottles of water/soft drinks, 4 PCs and clean-ish carpet for sleeping on the floor :), quietness and the good food selections (breakfast looked a bit tired except for good porridge, but we were on time for freshly cooked Malaysian style lunch – very hygenic & many courses & good quality! So much better than classic hotdog (probably genuine “dog”) and 1mm-thin-pancake inside the aircraft!

    CONS: Not a single beer tap/bottle/can in sight!!! Where was the “free flow of beer”?? We had no guts to ask the staff… 😦 The massage chair (2 provided) was OK but vicious with 15 min setting, so I’d developed backache 😦 We found only 2 English newspapers available, lots of PR/ad magazines and 4 civil engineers’ professional (nerdy) journals like “US highways” and “railway construction” or something (why?) in the magazine rack, though teh lounge wasn’t packed with travellers.

    So it was my first “airport lounge” experience, thanks to your info! Keep up your good work!

    P.S. LCCT should have at least one shop to sell BOH tea, instead of totally empty jewellers and too many chocolate shops !! 😦

  10. Karl

    Hi Backpackies!
    Great information, it really helped us out heaps. Me and my wife and three young children are going to Thailand in june, and were unsure of what to do with our time from arriving at 10:30pm LCCT and departing 11am LCCT. We are thinking about playing it safe and booking a room at tune hotels for the evening. What do you think? Also do you think they are strict on how many people stay in the room? One double room = 2adults 1child, do you reckon we could get away with 2adults3children all under8 years old? Interested in hearing back from you. Cheers for all your help so far, gutted about the triple cheese burger!

    • Karl.
      First step. Do book your self a double room at TUne hotel. Its the smartest choice. Because there arent any nearer hotels and you really need the rest before you travel.
      They allow 2 adults and 1 child in the room.Suggest you check in with your 2 kids, and you signal your wife whats your room number. And she and your other kid can head up to the room later. Their security isnt that tight. The only thing you need to bear with is the room size.

      All the best! We squeeze alot of people in to small rooms all the time! *wink*

  11. Pradeep

    Your article and all your replies are really very helpful.
    Got one query: i have never used LCCT before and i have a connecting flight to catch at LCCT. The time between flights is just 1 hour 45 minutes. Some ppl tell me @ LCCT its impossible to catch a flight within a gap of 2 hours. Is that true…i scared. On a side note : I am flying SIN -DEL via KUL and both flights are AirAsia flights.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi there.
      Your flights are SIN-DEL-KL (which are all international flights)

      1) Usually we always advice people to have a minimum 2 hour gap in between flights, especially international ones.
      This is because Air Asia has a history of flight delays.
      2) Dont panic. In case you already have bought your tickets. These are the things you can do to speed up your time gap.
      – Do an internet check in way in advance. Make sure you print out your boarding pass
      – try not to have any checked in baggage. it will slow you down because you will need to queue to drop off your baggage at the drop off counter which is always full.
      – YOu will need to run like hell!

      backpackies team. If you have a facebook, do look for us @ backpackies and add us. We will answer your questions faster there!

  12. shtina

    Hey backpackies – thanks for usefull info.

    Hoping someone can answer/put my worries to rest:
    Flying STN into KL/LCCT in March 25th and out on 27 in morning to BKK . Must be there by 10:30am and flight gets in at 9:30 – have you heard much about first flights of the day being delayed? A bit nervous to miss my connection.

    Also on way back I am landing from SGN at midnight (*yawn) and out again at 8am – can one stay in the lounges and airport overnight (I am used to sitting on floors) or does it shut?

    Thanks a bunch!! First time to these parts ( – done much packing around central america and India ) and really cannot wait – (for the street food alone)

    • Shtina
      Yes there are constantly flights delayed especially when it comes to budget airlines.
      But you are arriving on the 25th and flying out on the 27th. You shouldnt miss any flight.
      Just make sure you arrive at LCCT 2.5 hours before any international flight.

      On the way back from SGN, yes you can sleep in the airport. They have some plastic chairs which are awful and not comfortable to sleep on. Suggest you find a corner inside the terminal. Plenty of ppl do that too.

      Christina. If you have facebook, do join our group. You can find us at backpackies! We should be able to answer all your questions ASAP from there! have a safe flight!

  13. melissa

    Hi, Backpackies,

    Thanks for the pictures. I really need it, since i will arrived at KL after flying from Saigon at 00.00. I’m planning to sleep at the airport, before coming in to the Hotel at 08.00 and check in at 12.oo. After seeing your posting, i can see that it’s not really comfortable to sleep in the LCCT. But you mentioned there is McDonalds over there? Is it in the arrival sector? Is it possible if i sleep there? When i was in Changi, i always used McDonalds as my ’emergency’ hotel :p…

    • Hi there melissa. Sorry for the late reply.
      Mc Donalds is at arrival yes. BUt may we suggest either Coffee Bean (as there are better comfy chairs there)
      or Marry browns (which has long chairs right at the back.

      We have seen people sleep there before! πŸ˜€ But we are not sure if these outlets are 24 hours like Mcdonalds.
      You need to check. Its aweful having to find a comfortable space and then being asked to leave in the middle of the night.
      Good luck Melissa.
      If you have facebook, do join us at backpackies ! πŸ˜€

  14. sona


    I have a AirAsia flight from Incheon-KL arriving at LCCT at 5.10am, then i have to transit to a next AirAsia flight that departs from LCCT at 7.45am. Do you think i’ll have enough time to do the transit and move on to the next flight?
    Not sure how long the queues and baggage handling will take…

    Thanks in advance!

    • Is your connecting flight international as well?
      Arriving at 5.10 am and the next flight is at 7.45am means you have 2hrs 35 mins transit.
      It should be ok, if there are no delays (touch wood!, because Air Asia of late has been having alot of flight delays)
      If there is no flight delays, means you touch down at 5.10am (maybe around 5.20am just giving you some allowance), then you walk and collect baggage plus waiting time (30 mins) 5.50 am. This gives you another 1 hour 50 mins roughly.
      Suggest you do a web check in first at home and then print out your boarding pass. Then all you need to do is just head to the baggage drop off counter and drop your bags there. The queues at the baggage handling and check ins are crazy. Your flight is really early in the morning. Lets just hope the queue is not too long.
      You should be safe with 1 hour 50 mins at hand. πŸ™‚
      All the best and have a safe trip!
      If you have a facebook account, do join our group at backpackies! looking forward to seeing you!

  15. Bikram

    I am flying in at 23.30 from DEL into KL and then flying to Penang the next morning. Travelling with kids. Is it a good idea to go to the hotel nearby? I have heard there is a budget one. Please advise.

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  17. KARAN

    you guys have done a great job parting valuable info making ppl’s lives simpler.

    just wanted to know if we are safe?

    will be arriving to KUL from Goldcoast (OOL) on 27th August 2011 at 15:10hrs and then have another flight departing KUL to MUM on 27th August at 18:05 hrs. So according to the tickets there is a gap of 3 hours assuming no delays.

    nonetheless, do you think iam good here considering i have 2 checked in baggage.

    and how much time does it take to go from the arrival hall at lcct to the departure hall (and can i request the staff in someway to give me the baggage during the exit of the craft rather than on the baggage collection counter to save time. (i believe they have an option to do so).
    do u also suggest i should do a web check in incase of any delays.

    do let me know your valuable opinion.

    thank you so much once again

    warm regards,

    • Hi there Karan.
      Well we are glad you found our article helpful. It would be great if you could join us on facebook @ backpackies! πŸ™‚ Would love to have you there!

      On your question.
      You will be on an international flight. Upon arrival, ASSUMING NO DELAYS, you will have about 15- 25 mins till walk over the tarmac, wait and collect your luggage. It doesnt help even if you run through the tarmac,because you will still need to wait for your baggage. Nope, you dont have that option to ask them to pass you, your checked in bags upon exiting the craft. You will have to wait with the rest of the passengers at the baggage claim area.
      Here, we would like to suggest that if there are 2 or more of you traveling together, you split up. One of you head straight and queue at the check in counter. One will have to wait for your bags.
      Minus 30 minutes, you have 2 hours 30 minutes. The main delay is actually the long queues at the check in counter.
      Or you hand carry all your bags. Although they do say 7kg maximum hand carry, we have tried with 15kg and passed. The trick is to make it look light. But if you are carrying a huge case, then this is out of the question.
      Other alternative is, to web check in and then do the baggage drop off. In your case, this is probably the best idea.
      Yes ok, do the web check in. And then after your arrival, head straight to the baggage claim. One of you head to queue at the baggage drop off. That should do the trick. Remember you need another 30 mins for immigration clearance and walking to the departure hall. So minus the first 30 mins, you only have 2 hours. So do not delay. πŸ™‚
      Good luck!!

  18. I have been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thanks , I will try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site?

    • Hi there! Thanks for following us!
      We do our site updates quite regular. Its not fixed, because anytime we see any changes that we feel that we need to notify our users, we just update it.
      πŸ™‚ Once again thanks for following us. If you have any travel questions, you can post it up on our facebook fan page. We reply faster there.
      Happy holidays!

  19. Suresh

    I am planning to fly to KL through Air Asia !!! Your page was repply helpful for LCCT info! GR8 Job guys keep that up!!!!!

  20. Suresh

    what i meant was ur page was really helpful!!!

    • hahaahh were you also using an apple device with auto word detection on? dont worry we know what gr8 means! πŸ˜‰
      thanks again suresh. If you do have facebook, please do add us.
      search> backpackies
      we have a bigger group there so we can all share travel information there.

  21. xxx1

    We would like to drop excess luggage at LCCT and fly to Penang for 4 days. Can you do this? what is the charge and how safe is it left for 4 days?

  22. xxx1

    I’ve got another really really important question. Has anybody not paid for seat allocation, been in a group of up to four people on the same booking number and having been through self check in, been split up? We are a party of 4 with no seat allocations (yet) and 9-12 months away from flying. If we do self check in now, AA tell me the seats are randomly chosen, not necessarily beside each other and cannot be changed after self check in.

    • HI Mark.
      Last time, you could still seat together without paying.
      If you have booked together on the same booking number. (Book at the same time all 4 ppl), then chances are higher that you will be seated togehter when you check in through the counter. (but im apparently there is now a surcharge for checking in using the counter)
      So mark it boils down to the same thing. AA needs you to pay extra to be seated together.
      We had the same problem as you, but luckily ours wasnt a full flight.
      Do let us know if you did manage to bribe the stewardess to let you seat together! πŸ˜‰
      Have a safe trip!

  23. Senthil Kumar

    I have booked LGW-KUL-SIN return for this christmas. In my onward flight, i have 2 hrs 45 min transit time but my only concern is during the return journey when i have 1 hr 50 min only for transit in KUL. Ofcourse, all in a single ticket with a reference number.

    I even rang Air Asia today and they said that i need not worry as my flights are FLY-THRU which means they will do everything for me i.e i will be checked in for both flights at the point of origin, No need to clear immigration/customs in KUL, baggage will be transferred automatically. All i was told was to go into transfer hall after arriving in KUL and proceed for next flight.

    All i want to know is from anyone who have really FLY-THRU in this way and how long will it take from tarmac to transfer hall and to departure gates ? Any inputs on this appreciated.

    • Hi there Senthil.
      LGW is Langkawi?
      Air Asia does is a point to point airline. As far as we know, there is no FLY THRU.
      You will need to collect your baggage and then proceed to check in.
      KL-SG is an international flight.
      Tarmac to check in counter is approximately 10mins fast walk.
      But what will slow you down is, you need to wait for your baggage from your LGW-KL flight.
      Then you will need to run to the check in counter to check in. https://backpackies.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form
      WE suggest you do your online check in, in advance. Best to also print out your boarding passes. Then when you arrive in KL,collect your bags and head straight to the
      BAGGAGE DROP OFF COUNTER. It should be faster.
      From the drop off counter to departure hall, pass security and immigration will take you anotther 15 mins depending on queue.
      Then at the BAGGAGE DROP OFF COUNTER, get your boarding passes confirmed.

      • Senthil Kumar

        Hello Backpacker,

        LGW is London Gatwick and not Langkawi. Air Asia X is changing from London Stanstead to London Gatwick this month. Anyway thanks for your inputs on the time. So i assume it will take 20 minutes from tarmac to transfer hall / departure gates if everything goes well.

      • Ha ha ok sorry our bad. Thanks for correcting us on the codes. LGW.
        Yes 20 mins should be right, if you do not have luggage Remember you need to collect your bags first.

        Good luck.
        If you are on facebook, please join our group
        That way we can reply faster. πŸ™‚

  24. liza

    hi there from where can i buy a bottle of white wine in LCC what will be the rate too??

    • Hi there liza. You can get it if you are flying international from the duty free shop inside the departure lounge.
      Alternative, try the emporium, not sure if they have alcohol there.
      If we want to drink, we always buy if before hand. White wines would cost from RM 35 onwards.

      Let us know if you do find any in the terminal

      • liza

        yep i’m international traveller from kuching to india, and i wish to take home some white wine from KL

      • Liza, there is a duty free shop at the LCCT international departure lounge.You might be able to get it there. Price ranges from RM35 – RM80. If its a gift, you might want to go for Ice Wine?
        Or alternatively we would suggest to buy it in India.
        We have found Indian wine sweet and fruitful. You should give it a try!
        If you have facebook, please do join our group at BACKPACKIES. πŸ™‚ See you there! Here is the link!


  25. xxx1

    Hi All, we have only booked with AirAsia so far, but overall my experience has been very good. Some tips tho.
    1. BOOK through website not Call Centre.
    We are flying New Zealand to KL to London and back, so I booked 4 separate flights, family of 4. One of the sectors would not go through and kept saying payment pending. Very nerve racking clicking the button to pay and not knowing if it has charged your account. Each time I phoned for help they answered within 2 seconds and were calming and polite. Eventually one guy offered to book the flights for me – but there is a trap. The charge goes through Malaysia not Singapore so it was not in NZ dollars. Cost 4% more than I was expecting. Any flight booked through the website came through exactly to the cent (no extra bank fees etc).

    2. CHOOSE seat allocation after web checkin.
    We are 8 months away from flying so did not pay for seat allocation. The call centre recommends you do pay for seats if you want to be together – fair enough – it helps them make more money. But we did web checkin after booking our flights and the system allocated our seats automatically. In 3 of the sectors, all four of us are lined up together. On one sector we paid $17 to move one person. This saved us (4 x 4 x $17 = $272 NZ). .

    • Thanks so much Mark! We appreciate the sharing of tips! In fact you are the first person to share tips on this blog.
      πŸ™‚ We will be sharing this on our facebook wall
      Here is the link backpackies

      If you are on facebook, please find us and like us there.
      From the team of backpackies

  26. DP


    We are a group of 3 couples with 2 kids each ( 12 pax ) and travelling Melbourne- KL- New Delhi . This is NOT a Fly-Thru flight and Melboune -KL is booked through a seperate PNR and KL-New Delhi booked through a another PNR. Our flight from Melbourne to KL arrives at 7 AM and next flight from KL to new delhi departs at 9 30 AM . Thus we have exactly 2 hours and 30 minutes ( 150 minutes) between flights. Each couple has 2 check in baggages . We have pre booked our seats on both these flights. Purposely we have booked our seats in front as much as possible , for us to get down the plane at the earliest and rush for the proccedings ( iam not sure how much will this help). We would like to know ..1) 2 hours 30 mins enough time between flights at LCCT?. 2) web check in a day prior be helpfull? 3 ) is Melbourne – KL flight usually on time ? 4) whats the rush scene at LCCT airport around 7 am to 9 am ? is it comparitvely better early mornings? 5) How much time it usually takes to colllect the baggage and do the immigration and proceed to the departure area ? 6) any tips to fasten up our proceedings? are we taking a high risk or it is doable (in case of no flight delays)
    An early reply will be highly appriciared..thanks a lot in advance.

    • Hi there DP.
      Please read the replies below.

      1) 2 hours 30 mins enough time between flights at LCCT?
      It will be a mad rush for you.
      Air Asia is a no fly thru policy. Which means you need to arrive, collect your bags and RECHECK IN.

      2) web check in a day prior be helpfull?
      Yes, it is very helpful.
      We suggest you do a web check in first for both the flights.
      When you arrive in KL. Suggest you collect your bags and head over to the baggage drop off counter immediately.
      After dropping your bags, then head to the clear immigrations.

      3 ) is Melbourne – KL flight usually on time ?
      Not sure on this. Depends on the plane.

      4) whats the rush scene at LCCT airport around 7 am to 9 am ?
      LCCT is a rush zone at any time of the day.

      5) How much time it usually takes to collect the baggage and do the immigration and proceed to the departure area ?
      Usually to clear baggage and immigration will take roughly 40 mins. As they are a distance apart.

      6) any tips to fasten up our proceedings? are we taking a high risk or it is doable (in case of no flight delays)
      Besides doing your web check in earlier and printing out your boarding passes before hand.
      We suggest when you reach KL airport. If you can, split up and have one person collect the bags while the other person heads to the baggage drop off counter and queue there.( there is usually a queue there).
      But make sure you guys find each other, so you can check your baggage in. Because of the rush.

      Good luck my friend!

  27. dookie

    Thanks Backpackies, We will fly Air Asia in a couple of days and your information and tips are very useful and quite comprehensive about this LCCT airport.
    We called Air Asia and they confirmed Air Asia now has Fly-Thru service before we booked our ticket. Infact, a friend of mine just travelled last week from MEL-SGN via LCCT, all the checked in bagages claimed at SGN end, no need for collect and re-check in at LCCT.

  28. Liya

    Hye, there!
    I’m travelling alone to Kota Kinabalu from LCCT this coming February. And the thought of this is my first time travelling alone by flight makes me a little nervous. Can you guys advice me on what should and shouldn’t I bring, flight check – in at lcct nd stuff related to. I’ll be glad to hear from you guys soon! =D

    • Hi there Liya!
      Well if you have bought cargo lugguage allowance, then make sure you dont go over weight, as Air Asia is pretty strict on the excess lugguage policy.
      Are you flying international to KK or are you flying domestic?
      Because if you are flying domestic, the flight rules on hand carry items arent that strict. You can still bring liquids on the flight.
      If its domestic, make sure you have all your liquids in 100ml bottles. No sprays or aerosols that can explode on hand carry.
      KK is a really nice place to go for adventure. Bring along your swimming gear and snorkeling gear as well as some trekking shoes. Would recommend places like visiting the Manukan, Sapi Islands near KK, Head up to the Mount Kinabalu National Park and Poring Hot Springs even for a day trip.
      Have a safe and fun trip!

  29. Kareen

    Hi there! hope you can help me out with my queries!
    I am looking at flights from Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Langkawi. Not intending to have checked in baggage.
    How much time allowance should I leave in between each the flight from SIN – KUL and KUL – LGK?

    Is it possible if I will to take a flight from SIN to KUL 0910 – 1010 and then change to a flight from KUL to LGK 1200 – 1300?

    • Hi there Kareen
      You will be doing an International(SIN-KL) /Domestic(KL-LGK) combination of flights.
      The SAFE normal time allowance between these flights should not be less than 2 hours.
      Once you walk the tarmac, clear customs and immmigration- it will take you a good 45 minutes.
      Which leaves you 1 hr 15 mins. If you have done web check in. You will still need to proceed to the domestic boarding gate.
      Which will take you another 25 mins.
      Giving you a safe allowance of 50 mins.
      Yes it is possible to take the flight suggestion you asked.
      Just be aware that, this will be good if there are no flight delays.

      πŸ™‚ i hope i managed to answer your question.
      Have a safe trip and enjoy Singapore!

  30. Colleen

    I am coming in from Tokyo on Japan Airlines with my family into KLIA and will have no checked bags . I then need to fly out of LCCT on Air Aisa with no checked bags on an international flight to Bali. I have two hours to do this. I’ve read the blogs about web check in but once I take the taxi from KLIA to LCCT, I don’t need to check any bags, so where/what would I do next if:

    1) If I did the web check in and arrived at LCCT with this.
    2) If I need to do the self servce check in ay LCCT, where are these located and then what.
    3) Used their human check in counter (is this the safest bet and I don’t care about fees)

  31. Wow I am really impressed at the abundance of advice you have given so maybe you can help me make the proper decison on my next trip. I have been to KL LCCT several time but this trip will be a little unique. I will be arriving at 2:30 PM and won’t depart for my next flight until 6:50AM the next day. I would like to visit the city but am unsure if it would be better to find accomodation in town or if it would be better to come back at night and sleep at, in, or around the airport? Specifically are passengers allowed in the departure terminal overnight? Say I came back in checked in ans hung out in the bay from 11 PM until my departure the next morning?? Thanks for any insight~~

    • Hi there Jason.
      You are most welcome on the information.
      Ok here is the summary of your travel – arrive 2.30pm. ANd then depart 6.50 next day.
      There are regular sky busses by Air Asia which leaves LCCT almost every 30 mins. Here is a link >> http://www.skybus.com.my/schedule.html
      If you would want to visit the city, i suggest you take the sky bus out and then visit the city first. Stay somewhere around China Town or around
      Times Square > e.g Equator Hostel. Which will give you easy access to the trains.
      But then again, this will only ease your trip down to town. The bus takes 1 hour to get to the city. Check in and all will make it around 4.30 to 5pm. Which leaves you with around 6 hours to roam around the city till everything shuts down at 11pm.
      You will then need to rest early as you will need to leave for KL central to take the bus to LCCT again.
      Is your next flight a International or Domestic?
      According to the schedule, there are plenty of busses. Only trick is that you might need to pay extra for a taxi to get you from your hostel/hotel to Kl Sentral.

      You can’t hang around inside the DEPARTURE terminal unless you have checked in. And the earliest check in is 3 hours before flight.
      So you will still need to hang around outside the waiting lounge. Which sucks if you ask me, because the seats are crap.

      If you have Facebook. Please like and join us there. We will respond to your questions faster there! πŸ˜€
      here is the link! see you there!

  32. Marcus

    Thanks for the info, how Lon will it realistically take to go into KL and return from LCCT airport?

  33. Sandip Janee

    Hi Backpackies..

    Thanks for this wonderful blog…its an eye opener and gives a comprehensive detail of LCCT.

    I am traveling with my Grandmom in July 2012. Here’s the itinerary and i was wondering if you could help.

    Kolkata – KL by Air Asia on 22nd July arriving at 00.10 am

    KL- SIngapore By Air Asia on 22nd July departing at 6.15 am
    ( Is the time diff of 6 hours enough? Will we be taking a flight from the same LCCT terminal or we have to go to KLIA terminal)

    Singapore – KL on 25th July arriving at 8.40 pm
    KL – Kolkata on 26th July at 3.35 pm
    ( Now i have a stopover of almost 19 hours and earlier i was wondering to go to the city and book a hotel. I want to see the Petronas towers too)

    Kindly help me with these questions.

    1. Should i book a Hotel in the city or is there any hotel near LCCT? I will be on a very stringent Budget as i dud have spend everything in SIN.. Somewhr in the range of 60 – 75 RM is my budget for the night.

    2. Which is the cheapest mode of traveling to the city..i checked the train but its too expensive. To & Fro can cost me as much as 140 RM which is too expensive.

    3. Is it possible to stay over at the airport & get fresh at KLAI airport at 30 RM at the mentioned hotel there and then go for sight seeing( i will have a full visa with me) ?

    4. Will they allow me inside KLAI airport if I’m due to fly Air Asia?

    5. What can i do in these few hours? Please Please PLease advice

    Thanks in advance

    Sandip Janee

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